Intro to Entrepreneurship class prepares students for business world


Mount Mary students do not need to be business majors to get a taste of the information they need to run their own business. BUS 395 Intro to Entrepreneurship, a new class in the spring, is geared toward non-business students who are aspiring entrepreneurs.

BUS 395 is a part of the new entrepreneurship minor. According to Mary Fletcher, chair of the business administration division, BUS 395 will educate students about what they need to start their own businesses.

“No matter what field you go into, you’re going to find yourself dealing with the business side of that field,” Fletcher said. “Having some business knowledge will make you much more equipped to deal with those issues, whether it’s your own business or somebody else’s.”

The minor was launched last year to cater to students who needed a business background but who had a difficult time fitting college algebra, which is a requirement for other business minors, into their class requirements.

“At the same time, we became aware that a lot of students in other majors, particularly the arts, but also dietetics and occupational therapy, will end up starting their own businesses at some point and could use some business knowledge to help them get off the ground,” Fletcher said.

The entrepreneurship minor, which is not as quantitatively focused as the traditional business minor, includes a package of classes including Intro to Entrepreneurship. Students take a variety of other business classes and complete the minor with a project.

One of the required classes is Accounting and Finance for Professionals, designed to teach students about the banking system and accountants, and how to work with these professionals.

Todd Sobotka, a member of BizStart Milwaukee, an organization that encourages business growth in Milwaukee, will teach the Intro to Entrepreneurship class in the spring. Students do not need to be a part of the minor to participate in the class, but the faculty hopes it will encourage students to investigate the addition of this valuable minor.

“The class itself would be a great combination with almost any other student in the entire college,” Fletcher said.

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