Latte. The most important meal of the day?


Waking up late, just moments before it’s time for class, hardly leaves time to put pants on or get leftover mascara out from under your eyes. For some, eating anything in the morning is simply out of the question.

For others that mega chain’s drive-thru sure sounds like a reasonable option. Just a Starbucks latte, and the day will be better, right?

We all know how important breakfast is. It’s all been said before: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day;” “Eat a nutritious breakfast or you’ll gain weight.”

There is science backing these old adages. Is a latte enough?

“Postprandial fasting occurs between four to 16 hours. After 16 hours of fasting the body breaks down body tissues like muscle to make enough glucose for the brain,” said dietetics major Mariana Lima Eisenberg. “Having a three- to four-hour period of time between meals will prevent metabolic stress.”

ACE and NASM certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist Bob Kaczmarczyk said if you don’t eat breakfast, “it’s like a signal to your body saying that you’re not getting food anytime soon, so the metabolism slows and begins to store fat.”

The standard ordered latte is 2 percent milk, which refers to the percent of fat by weight, or 7 grams of fat in 16 ounces. Fat content could double when a specialty drink is ordered.

Seven grams of fat doesn’t sound like a lot, but when combined with poor eating habits (skipping meals), it can lead to weight gain – that infamous freshman 15 pounds. The caffeine in a latte can provide an “energy/metabolism boost,” Kaczmarczyk said, but “pass on all the high-calorie versions of coffee as well.”

If you do indulge, Kaczmarczyk recommends his favorite excercise, “the plank … which strengthens and stabilizes everything that holds the body together – your core, abs, hips, shoulders, and back – and will improve your performance in every other exercise you do. On top of that, performing the plank position will help fight against the back pain most people have from sitting all day.”

Plank pose, Illustrations by ANNA STONE

Super women pose

Reverse chair pushup

Banana pose

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