Lend the Trend: About Me

My name is Lexie Kline. I was born on November 28, 1996, which, at that time, was on Thanksgiving Day. This is my first blog ever, and I am so thrilled to be writing it. I am a sophomore with a double major in fashion merchandise management and English-new media writing. I also have a minor in business merchandising.

I am excited to be writing Lend the Trend. This blog will introduce trend forecasts that are coming or peaking. I got the idea to do this blog because of a class I took called Trend Forecasting. In this class, we learned to observe people diligently, whether through street fashion, celebrities or our peers.

To my amazement, I fell in love with the class because I love observing people and how they interpret trends and fashion. Watching people, trends and fashion shows to predict future trends is something that comes oddly natural to me. Browsing through magazines, watching entertainment news casts and observing street style, I can notice when a trend is about to happen.

Fashion is something that I have had a huge passion for since I was a little. My aunt provided me with my first experience with fashion and trends. She always wore clothing that was trendy and up-to-date. She also took me to Chicago, and we explored designer and unique clothing stores, such as TopShop, Luxury Garage Sale, Gucci and Zara.  These stores are all not located back in my hometown of Luxemburg, which is a small sub city outside of Green Bay.

For high school, I went to Luxemburg-Casco High School, which did not offer any fashion classes. Fashion was not even something I thought I could go to school for until my guidance counselor told me about a fashion merchandising management degree. After reviewing a pamphlet, I instantly knew it was the major for me. I later added an English major to fulfill my other passion of writing and reading literature.

For those who love fashion, you will be able to read my blog and see peaking trends and totally be like, “yes, I see that!” Then there will be those who have a hard time picking up on trends and will read to gain more insight on fashion. And to those people, I say thank you and I can not wait to show you what awesome trends are coming!

So, to all, be ready for me to lend the trend.

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