Let the boy keep the pig!

Sorry readers! Another blog dedicated to another Yahoo article. (This time I did read the article).

The story was about an 8-year-old boy suffering from emotional problems due to Down’s syndrome.  Because of his condition, the boy has significant developmental and speech delays that give him the mental age of a 4-year-old.

To help cope with the boy’s syndrome, doctors have recommended the family adopt a pet for therapy purposes.  The boy’s father and brother are severely allergic to most animals. However, the family decided to adopt a Juliana pig, named Twinkie, as their pet.  The article stated the pig will be an indoor pet and Twinkie carries a gentle and affectionate personality. It can also be litter-trained.

Twinkie has made a great impact on the boy’s life, such as improving his speech and calming him down after tantrums.  The town the family lives in argued that owning a pig was against the law because a pig should be considered livestock.

The family did their research about the laws and even submitted documented evidence that the boy needs the pig.  Unfortunately, city officials will not grant permission for the ownership of a pig as a pet.

First and foremost, my opinion is let the boy keep the pig!  If the pig is beneficial to the boy and family’s life and is not harmful to the town, then there should not be any reason to refuse the boy access to Twinkie, the pet he loves.

Remember the beloved children’s classic “Charlotte’s Web” when Fern had Wilbur as a pet?  Just because a pig is not considered a standard pet does not mean laws should have the right to deny a child with Down’s syndrome his pet pig.

Now, I am not much of an animal person, but I do have a dog and cat whom I love. I am not one of those animal advocates that fights for animal rights and refuses to eat meat.  I am someone that loves bacon and  never feels ashamed when I eat a cheeseburger or a chicken tender.  But, I do understand that animals have many benefits other than just being a food source.

Animal therapy does wonders for people’s mental and emotional states. They also help people with special needs cope with daily life stresses and difficulties.

I also understand that some living areas are not appropriate for certain animals, and some animals should never be  pets.  I have nothing against the law itself for some non-domesticated animals.  I am willing to make the exception to allow the pig as a pet since the family has proven to me that the boy needs the pig.

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