Let’s Change the Fate of Our Food, Wallets and Stomachs

I don’t know about you, but I like food.

Sometimes, if I’m busy, I have to skip a meal. Sometimes I need to work on homework and end up with 20 minutes to split between eating and running to class. Let’s be honest, shoveling food down as fast as you can is an awful way to eat.

Having food in my dorm is nice. I can eat in between the meals being served. What could be the downside to that?

Food. Costs. Money.

I went to the grocery store the other day. I thought I’d buy a few snacks for the dorm. I loaded up my cart with some juice, some fruit, some chips. And we can’t forget the cookies. At the checkout, my small cart wasn’t even full. I had only used the top part. You would never believe how much these snacks cost me.


I didn’t mean to spend $49. I didn’t think I was that close to $50 at all. But it came to $49, and I paid and I left. At least the snacks will last a while.

Why, though, did I have to pay $49 for groceries for a dorm when I’m paying so much for a meal plan? Is there no way I could acquire meal-plan food later at night if I’m hungry? There has to be an alternative to the limited times for the dining hall.

A meal being served in the main line.

My friends have similar feelings on the subject. Just the other day, my friend Dacia told me that she missed lunch AND dinner, and wow, was she starving. Students can’t always eat when the dining hall is open, and it would be nice to still have access to food past 6:30.

Besides, is it not common for students to be up late studying? If I eat early enough, there are times when my stomach is growling at 9 p.m. or shortly after.
The more I thought about it, the more I began thinking about other factors. For example, what do they do with food that is left over at the of the day? I asked one of the food workers who told me that although some things are saved longer, all the food in the line next to the register is just thrown away. It’s wasted. Couldn’t that food be saved for snacks later on?

Now, if there’s one thing that bothers me, it’s food waste. That food could have fed a hungry person. I cringe at the thought of it rotting in a garbage bag. That is the fate of the mushrooms they served the other day, stuffed with surprisingly-delicious kale and cheese. This is the fate of the wonderful mashed potatoes that made me happy to put in my mouth earlier this week. And what about that steak and shrimp they served on Valentines day? How much of that luxury fell victim to a landfill?

If it’s being wasted and not even going to be donated, is there a way it could be put out and offered to students later at night?

There are a lot of factors to be considered in this suggestion, but I thought I’d put the idea out there. Students and staff: what do you think? I want to know your opinions and suggestions to find a way to provide food to students and staff after 6:30 for those who are up late.

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  1. Isabel Maria Piana
    March 1, 2018 at 12:07 am

    I am not a dorm student, but I do know that hunger strikes at all hours of the day. The solution is something that creative minds will need to brainstorm. There are many factors to consider including food safety, staff to cook/serve/clean, and cost. Then, as pointed out in the story, what about food waste?

    This article certainly gives us food for thought.


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