Let’s Find Your New Winter Jacket (and Sweater)

This year, it feels like we skipped right over fall and went straight into winter; it went from spring weather to bitter cold weather in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, it’s time to get out the winter coats and heavy sweaters again. If you’re looking to shop for vintage, cozy jackets and sweatshirts but don’t want drop hundreds of dollars at places like TopShop or Urban Outfitters for your new winter wardrobe, a thrift store is the perfect place to look.

Again, I went to St. Vincent de Paul located in Greenfield. Can you tell that I love this place yet? First, I looked for winter jackets in the “women’s jackets” section.

The great thing about St. Vincent de Paul is how many choices there are. When sifting through the plethora of jackets to choose from, make sure you keep an open mind to any kind of brand–even ones you haven’t heard of. Something I’ve learned from thrift shopping is that sometimes the least expected items are the best ones. When looking through a thrift store, don’t be too set on one particular item or style of clothing because one kind is never guaranteed. For example, I am one to rarely ever venture out of black when it comes to jackets; however, this blue jacket’s colors actually looked great to me. It was also a brand I had never heard of called London Fog. 

To my surprise, this vintage jacket is most likely worth over a hundred dollars. Although it was only $5.17 at the store, on the London Fog website,  jackets are all at least $100.00 if they are not on sale. If I would have had my mind set on black jackets with familiar brands, I would have never stumbled upon this amazing deal. Always keep an open mind when it comes to thrift shopping or else you’ll miss out on the best items.

The next jacket I found caught my eye because of how warm it looked. Another tip for shopping in thrift stores is: don’t be surprised when you find a popular, expensive brand because it’s actually quite common to find. This jacket was in good quality and would be great for the freezing weather. It was also a Columbia jacket. This brand is very popular today, and well-known for its high quality winter attire. This warm jacket was only $13.47.

One common misconception about used clothing is that it isn’t up to par with new clothing. Some people tend to avoid thrift stores due to thinking the clothes are worn down and low quality. This simply isn’t the case. Thrift stores have strict guidelines for people who donate to ensure that the quality of the clothes are in tip-top shape. Yet another jacket that was in great quality was this ZeroXposur coat. Much like Columbia, this brand is well known for its outerwear. The colors and stripes give it the vintage touch that so many people are looking for in streetwear lately.


I just had to include this jacket because finding a long, black trench coat for only $20.87 is extremely rare. This coat is very business-like, so it would be great for a formal job or internship. You could style this jacket any way you want, though. In my opinion, this jacket just screams classy and expensive.

Wear this so you can feel like a top secret agent or spy in your day-to-day life.

If these jackets weren’t your style, don’t worry–there were plenty of other styles of all different kinds. Remember, keep an open mind when searching and don’t be surprised when you find normally pricey brands at a much more affordable price.

I also wanted to include some sweaters that I found at Goodwill located in West Allis. Oversized, warm sweaters are some of the best items of clothing to wear during winter. You can even eat as many Christmas cookies as you want, and no one will even notice.

It was my birthday!

Here’s a tip: go to the men’s section. That’s where you will find the best oversized sweatshirts and sweaters. The women’s sweaters are honestly never as cool as the men’s ones in thrift stores. For example, I found this retro Reebok crewneck that I absolutely love. 











The other day, I was at the Brookfield Square mall looking through some oversized ’80’s sweaters. They were about $15.00, and I thought that that was a good deal, but something was telling me that I’d find a sweater extremely similar in a thrift store, so I waited to buy it. Luckily, I did found one in Goodwill! I found one for around $5.00.

Not to mention, these sweaters are extremely warm and cozy for the winter. So next time you’re in a store and you stumble upon “retro-looking” items, just wait until you get to a thrift store–you’ll find a much better deal.

Thanks for reading this week’s post! Keep these tips in mind when you decide to go and venture out into the world of thrift shopping. Getting warm and cozy for winter can be extremely affordable!

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