“Lincoln” an unemotional response

As we pass through February 12, President Lincoln’s birthday, I figured I could tribute a blog about him.  A few weeks ago, I was invited to go see the Spielberg film starring Daniel Day Lewis.  My honest opinion, it was good (not over-the-top ‘oh my god this movie deserves an Oscar’ fantastic).  I say that because the film had “Hollywood” stamped on every single screen shot.Abraham Lincoln, 16th president

Knowing me, I have not seen a lot of movies (to freshen your memory, I still haven’t seen “Star Wars”), but when it comes to historical films, I feel a little sense of detachment while watching them, and I don’t know why.  I’ve seen films like “Pearl Harbor”, “Glory” and “Gandhi” (all of which I saw in high school) and for some reason. “Lincoln” and all the other listed historical films didn’t exert a big response from me.  Maybe I feel this way because everything about the movie seems too perfect, almost to the point of phoniness.  Or maybe it’s because Hollywood drowns history with an overwhelming amount of romanticism.

When it came to the film, I left the theater feeling ennui.  I feel bad saying this because I always admired Abraham Lincoln as a historical figure and thought the history of the Civil War was really interesting, but the movie didn’t give me that feeling of admiration and interest.

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