Looking Pricey on a Budget

This week’s Goodwill run was a successful one, to say the least. My goal was to find pricey name brands for cheap, and I was shocked by the results. In every section of clothing, you could find an expensive piece being sold for $10.00 or less.

Denim galore.


The first section of the store I went to was women’s jeans. It wasn’t too hard to find cute jeans in every size. The first notable name brand I found was True Religion.

True Religion jeans.

These jeans can cost anywhere from $50 – $400 in the retail stores. Just the sound of those prices for a pair of pants breaks my heart and makes me hear my bank account crying. As I searched through the racks of denim, I found these name brand jeans for an incredible $6.99.  


Lucky Brand label.

The next brand I found, Lucky Brand, isn’t as expensive as the previous brand. These jeans can still be found in popular stores like Nordstrom Rack. Although this brand isn’t as pricey as True Religion, it isn’t possible to find Lucky Brand jeans for less than $20 at regular stores.  Also, mom jeans

Glorious mom jeans.

are definitely all the rage lately, and are becoming increasingly expensive at stores. At Goodwill, though, Lucky Brand mom jeans can be found for $6.99.


I moved on to looking at purses.

Coach purse.

Purses can be extremely expensive, especially when buying from name brands. I love neutral colors, so when I saw a neutral colored purse, I headed right for it! When I looked at the brand, I was shocked. I was holding a Coach purse for $4.99! This purse is perfect for any occasion–it’s not too fancy or too casual, and neutral colors can go with just about any other color.


Another purse that caught my eye was simple and black.

Practical yet classy Nine West purse. 

It was a perfect size to carry “purse essentials” and could be taken anywhere. The brand was Nine West–not as expensive as Coach, of course, but buying it from Goodwill would still save you a substantial amount of money. The practical, classy purse was only $6.99.


The last impressive find was a Ralph Lauren black,

Black leather clutch by Ralph Lauren.

leather clutch. Ralph Lauren is an extremely well-known and expensive brand. On the Ralph Lauren website, black leather handbags are sold for up to $248. While this clutch found is probably an old style that is no longer commonly sold, it would still be quite expensive to purchase any kind of clutch from Ralph Lauren. This one found was only $4.99.


When having to look nice for a special occasion but not wanting to kill your feet in the process, simple black flats can do the trick. I loved these pointed-toe, black flats because of their straps.

As cute as black flats get.

They were being sold for $4.99. I went to the Steve Madden website to find out how much black flats generally cost, and I found that very similar styles of this shoe range from about $50 to $100.  


I moved on to browsing the athletic wear, and found an Adidas zip-up hoodie and Adidas sweatpants. On the Adidas website, their black hoodie is $70. I loved the hoodie and have always loved the Adidas logo, so I knew I had to have it when I saw that it was only $9.99. I wear it all the time now. The Adidas pants found are also $70 on the website, and at Goodwill they were being sold for $6.99. Adidas is a popular name brand that a lot of people are wearing lately, so to find this with the famous logo at Goodwill was an exciting find.


I love a nice turtleneck.

I ran into Ralph Lauren again when browsing the women’s shirts. A turtleneck caught my eye when I saw its pastel pink color, and the famous Ralph Lauren logo

Who doesn’t want to sport the famous Ralph Lauren logo?

was even on the collar. I loved this turtleneck, and if you wore this, people would think you spent a lot of money on it because of the visible logo. A pink turtleneck found on the Ralph Lauren website was $69.50, and I honestly liked the one I found at Goodwill even better. This fashionable shirt was $6.99.


The final thing I found was a Pendleton boyfriend jacket.

Looks good as new.

It wasn’t personally my style, but the material seemed to be good quality, and Pendleton is definitely an expensive brand. On the website, a boyfriend jacket can be up to $209.99–the one I found was only $7.99. This jacket would be perfect for fall or a chilly spring day. 





I had a great time hunting for brands in Goodwill, and found really cute clothing in the process. Hopefully this inspires you to turn to Goodwill rather than spending too much money at the retail price!

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