Meet Mount Mary University’s Librarians

The stereotype of a librarian is an old woman who wants to keep the library quiet. Today they may have wild hair or tattoos and both men and women. Most full-time librarian careers require a master’s degree in library information science (MLIS). The schools that offer it in our area are UWMilwaukee and UWMadison. me two librarians that work here on campus. Meet two of Mount Mary’s Haggerty Library librarians.

klippelSarah Klippel has been a librarian for 20 years and at  Mount Mary University for four of them.

“I always was a kid who liked the library and I thought I would be surrounded by interesting questions, books and people all the time,” said Klippel.

A big part of her job is collection development, which is getting new things or getting rid of old things to make sure the library collection is fluid. Klippel is finding there is a lot of dead weight in books that haven’t been touched in maybe 30 – 40 years. She removes them from the shelf and computer database. Most are sent to Better World Books, an organization that provides books to people in other countries.

Klippel is at the service desk 23 hours out of the 30 it is open. She often hears “I can’t print,” or “There is something wrong with the printer.”

Klippel says interaction with students is rewarding even when it is something minor. She wants students to know librarians actually enjoy answering questions.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions don’t feel that you are interrupting us because it’s the opposite,” said Klippel.

“I would want them to know that while I am sitting at that desk I am hoping for questions and they are definitely never interrupting at the desk.”


dan vinson

Daniel Vinson has been a librarian for six years. He has been around books forever. One of his grandmothers was a teacher so they had tons of books around growing up. In the morning he goes through emails because, “there are always a million emails,” Vinson said.

Quit often there are technical things that require his or the director’s attentions.

“Some days you get pulled in a bunch of different directions and other days are pretty quiet,” said Vinson.

He works on promoting the library, from signs to handouts to the library’s blog.

Vinson works with faculty to try to get good stuff in the library or online. He works with the school of arts and design as well as education. Some days are full of technology problems which he deals with a lot because he does a lot of online journals and prints.

“If something goes down I try to figure out why and I have to put on my electronic detective hat,” said Vinson.

Daniel Vinson said something that is interesting about his job is the vendors selling a product or authors who are determined to have the school carry their book.

Overall, he said he enjoys most about his job is helping people.

What are some stereotypes of librarians you had while growing up?

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