Men with long hair don’t make the cut

Short hair preferred in  professional workplace


Long locks gently caress the nape of the neck. Natural highlights of crimson and gold reveal themselves in the sunlight. These images sound like they would belong to a TRESemmé commercial, but in reality they belong to a gentleman sitting at the desk across from his perspective employer. Portrait of a young handsome man isolated on white

Unfortunately, he won’t get the job unless he cuts his hair, regardless of how nicely maintained it is.

Most white-collar jobs require short hair on men. Even as tattoos are becoming more widely acceptable, long hair is still unacceptable for men in most work environments.

Jeri Wallace, hairstylist at Super Cuts in Milwaukee for seven years, empathizes with her male clients.

“It’s still taboo,” Wallace said. According to her, her clients’ employers are very blunt when it comes to their employees’ hair.

Daniel Birkholz has worked in bars and the food industry his whole life and has faced the downside of having long hair.

“It’s all about presenting yourself,” Birkholz said. “Some men with long hair don’t take care of it and let it be greasy.”

It may seem that the only options for men with long hair are to get a haircut for his corporate job or work in a creative environment where physical self-expression is encouraged.

MPTV Production Assistant Joseph Pfaff has not faced resistance when it comes to his long hair. “I guess there is just more of a focus on people getting their jobs done,” Pfaff said.

Pfaff has had everything from shoulder-length hair to a business cut and said that it is just “personal preference” when it comes to maintaining the length of his hair.

“You would need to class it up if you have the governor or some high-level official coming in for an interview,” Pfaff said. “But you dress for the job you want, not the job you’re already doing.”

This begs the question: What is so wrong with long hair on men?

“How many billionaires, presidents and CEOs have long hair?” Pfaff asked. “I think it points to a class thing.”


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