Mil-Rock-Me: An inside groove to Milwaukee’s local music scene by fan favorites


Milwaukee’s homegrown music scene has a wide variety of emerging bands to assure you a night filled with quality entertainment. Here are three bands and musicians offering unique vibes that will surely have you off your chair and on the dance floor until 2 a.m.

 Boy Blue

If you like MGMT, The Killers and Passion Pit

Dress up, get up and dance! Boy Blue is an alternative/electronic pop band based out of Milwaukee. Their “collection of dance shoes and ambition to change people’s views of modern day music,” as mentioned on their Facebook page, has created a solid identity for the band and continues to serve as a catalyst for recognition on the Milwaukee scene.

Boy Blue is comprised of four guys – Josh, Nick S. Nick H. and Polish – who are as energetic as their music. The band started playing for fun three years ago and recently became more mainstream, playing at bars and nightclubs across Milwaukee area.

Their success exploded after Boy Blue won “New Music Wednesdays” on Radio Milwaukee this past summer. Since April, Boy Blue’s most popular song, “Robot Tube Socks,” has been played almost every day. This song, among others, has such an energetic melody that it immediately gets people off their seats and dancing.


“You need to get onto radio,” said Nick Shubert, keyboardist for the band. “It has been easier to set up shows since we have been playing on 88.9.”

Recently the band started doing themed shows such as “Cowboys and Indians,” labeling them as dance parties. Shubert said that doing themed shows “generally creates a more fun crowd and people actually dress up.”

They have teamed up with local disc jockeys to perform and have since ventured out of their original scene on the East Side of Milwaukee to places in downtown Milwaukee such as Bad Genie and Kenadee’s.

Boy Blue recently had its biggest show on Oct. 21 at Club Garibaldi’s. It was themed, The Last Dance MKE- Zombie Homecoming. Just in time for Halloween, fans put on their most frightening zombie costumes and danced the night away.

Boy Blue plans to release its much anticipated album later this year. For more information about this band, along with show dates, check out:



If you like B.O.B., Lupe Fiasco and John Mayer…

Joe Albert, better known as Cinco is just one of three (Cinco, Diaz and Chubz) who claimed the name to fame “Team Nameless.” He has taken the Milwaukee scene to a whole new level by experimenting with innovative ideas and funky sounds.

“Rapper is too confined,” Albert said. “If I had to put it into one term, it’s experimental hip-hop.” Albert is inspired mostly by John Mayer. “The amount of soul and love for what he does is so inspirational,” he said.


“Any artist that blends genres and presses the envelope creatively is an inspiration to me,” Albert said when talking about some of his favorite artists such as B.O.B. and Lupe Fiasco.

Albert, along with the Team Nameless crew, appeared on the Briggs and Stratton stage during Summerfest 2011, after Zeek Collins, a.k.a. Chubz, won the Kiss Icon competition.

“People have been super supportive. We’ve gotten people listening to us from areas we didn’t even know we reached,” Albert said. People from Minnesota and Indiana have contacted him in appreciation for his music.

Albert has big aspirations for his future as “Cinco,” including an event that is still in the midst of planning: “Hip-Hop for the Hungry.” Although no date is set yet, this event will be before Christmas. Admission will be $10 or free with three non-perishable foods; all proceeds will be donated to the Hunger Task Force.

Cinco’s first official mixtape, “Inside the Mind of Five,” will debut Nov. 11. This album paints a picture of him and his evolution as an artist. Check out Cinco on Facebook and Twitter.

Daisy Chain

If you like rock, pop or classical…

Daisy Chain is one of the most uniquely structured cover bands in Milwaukee. This group features an amazing drummer, two very experienced guitarists and most notably a girl singer. Very few cover bands in Milwaukee have capitalized on the idea of a female lead, but Daisy Chain has experienced great success with this marketable move.

“We wanted a more girl-oriented fan base between the ages of 21-35,” said Barry Jaeger, drummer for Daisy Chain. “This way we could have a more distinguishable sound, and get more girls to attend our shows. The more girls that go ultimately mean the more guys that will also come check out our shows,” Jaeger said.


“If ever there was a band of sheer talent and ability in a localized setting, this is it,” said Christina Grobner, a dedicated fan of Daisy Chain, as she talked about the dynamic the band has on and off the stage.

All members of Daisy Chain have had years of experience, whether playing the guitar, drums or singing with other Milwaukee bands. “I have been playing drums for 30 years and am currently in three bands,” Jaeger said.

He said being part of the band isn’t a hobby anymore as much as it has become a lifestyle for him.

Daisy Chain is busiest during summer, playing at many festivals. Most recently the band played at Rooters Nightclub in Waukesha, where they covered 80s rock songs and modern-day hits including renditions of Lady Gaga’s tracks.

To find upcoming information about Daisy Chain go to and enter the band’s name in the search bar.


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