Milwaukee’s Top Five Ice Cream Flavors

by Lexie Kline

Whether you’re on your period searching for a sweets fix, looking to cure your hunger or just needing a snack that most people will love, ice cream is your go-to indulgence. However, coming to the big city of Milwaukee from a town of about 2,000 people, I had no idea where to go when I needed my ice cream fix. So many places to go and flavors of ice cream to choose from. I mean, who knew there was more than just chocolate, vanilla and twist ice cream?

I put ice cream to the test to see how it could hold up against my cravings. After going to numerous places I found the best five ice cream flavors in the Milwaukee area to cover whatever ice cream absence you’re trying to fill.

1. Wild N’ Reckless Sherbet (Baskin-Robbins)

Typically I am not a sherbert fan, but just looking at this colorful ice cream will make your mouth water and start a party in your mouth with your first bite. With a mix of three flavors – green apple, blue raspberry, and fruit punch – you will experience this sensational zing (from the green apple flavor) that has the same sensation of pop rocks. It’s truly a flavor and taste like no other. The unique blend between the fruit mixture creates a sour taste from the green apple, but also a savory sweetness from the blue raspberry and fruit punch. Baskin-Robbins is only about a two-mile drive from Mount Mary’s campus. So, if you haven’t tried this flavor, please proceed to the nearest exit and make your way to Baskin-Robbins for this oh-so-good Wild N’ Reckless Sherbet.

2. Dirty Monkey (Rollicious Creamery)

Speaking of must-have ice cream, Dirty Monkey is by far the most appealing ice cream both visually and in taste. This ice cream has a beautiful rolled presentation to not only help you enjoy your ice cream flavor, but will earn you a bunch more likes on your Instagram post. The vanilla flavored ice cream is rolled up with nutella, banana chunks, caramel drizzle, and whip cream to top it off. Rollicious is located in Mayfair Mall, about two miles from Mount Mary’s campus. If this sounds appealing, stop by Rollicious and get yourself a Dirty Monkey.  

3. Whiskey (Purple Door Ice Cream)

If you love whiskey as much as I do, then ordering the whiskey-flavored ice cream at Purple Door is a non-negotiable. This ice cream has Great Lakes Distillery KK Whiskey in it, giving it the kick that sweet ice cream needs. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like sweets, or ice cream – God forbid – I ask you to give this ice cream a chance. Alcohol infused ice cream is any adult’s dream, and if you like it as much as I do, you can find it in local Milwaukee grocers such as Sendik’s or Wholefoods, or 11 miles from campus downtown. What better way to get wasted than to get ice cream wasted?

4. Brandy Old Fashioned (Purple Door Ice Cream)

Not a whiskey person? Purple Door has a different alcoholic ice cream for your deepest pleasure! If an old fashion is your drink – along with every Wisconsinite’s – you need to try this intoxicating flavor. This ice cream has that classic brandy taste with an orange flavor (like the slices in the drink), cherries, and the best ingredient of all: bitters. This ice cream is also available at grocers such as Metcalfe’s Market in the metro area of Milwaukee. This unique flavor will have you in an ecstasy of ice cream pleasure.

5. Grasshopper Sundae (Murfs)

Sorry to disappoint you, but this grasshopper sundae has no alcohol. But trust me, that doesn’t take away from the shocking mint flavor! This flavor is like no other, with vanilla ice cream, mint liquid juice, oreo crumbs and chocolate syrup. With the dainty cherry on top, this is any mint lover’s dream. One scoop of this piece of heaven and you’ll have a mint-gasm. What’s even better than the ice cream is the location of Murfs, which is only about two miles away from Mount Mary’s campus. Check out Murf’s and their mouthwatering grasshopper sundae.

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