More than just sound: music unites suitemates


I think about the nights I set three alarms on my phone all within 10-minute intervals and how I still manage to sleep through them all. The times I go a whole day without noticing the earring missing out of my left earlobe and the lock of hair loose from my ponytail. If it weren’t for my “Meanings/Moods” Spotify playlist (see below) I might’ve gone home, crawled into bed and vowed to never Tweet another 140 characters for as long as I live. Dramatic, I know. 

Suitemates Cortney Angelroth, a sophomore studying radiology, and Grace Jentsch, a sophomore studying fashion design have clashing music personalities. They have polar opposite tastes in music, but somehow their abode has not completely imploded. While Jentsch loves all things rock and electronic, Angelroth goes for country tunes like that of Jana Kramer and Luke Bryan.

“The music played in our suite is determined by whoever connects to the Bluetooth speaker first!” Jentsch said. “We have our own accounts on Pandora and use that for our music.”

Jentsch and Angelroth

It is hard to grasp how they would not drive each other crazy with such vastly different genre preferences. It has to do with appreciating the person for who they are and the side of them that the music, artist or song brings forth.

“My boyfriend got me stuck on Machine Gun Kelly, a rap artist with lots of intensity and meaning behind his lyrics,” Angelroth said, “It’s easy for me to relate to because it is passionate.”

They began to laugh about the kinds of music they do agree upon, stating that often times it is Disney songs or Veggie Tales. The girls mention how catchy and enthusiastic the melodies are to listen to as they get ready to start the day.

The curious and wonderful thing about music, too, is that no matter the genre a positive message with an upbeat melody can make a person feel like nothing can stand in their way.

Jentsch and Angelroth agree that it is the songs that center us and bring us to a place of happiness and deeper understanding of ourselves that never get overplayed.

“‘Here Comes the Sun’ by the Beatles defines my personality,” Jentsch said, “It’s just very upbeat and happy. It talks about coming out of rough times and is filled with hope.”

“For me it’s the song ‘Love’ by Jana Kramer that defines me,” Angelroth said. The song is about “belief in fairy tales, the romance of it and that things are going to get better.

Some say Taylor Swift trumps Britney Spears, while others say indie trumps alternative rock. Either way, the ultimate reward of music is the satisfaction it gives you in removing you from whatever concern is pressing in on you at the moment.

mEANinGs/MooDS playlist by Hollins

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