Mount Mary’s Philosophy Club Introduces ‘Question of the Week’ to Campus


Why Ask Why?

Celcy Powers-King, president of the Philosophy Club, is teaming up with WHY Radio from the University of North Dakota to launch the Question of the Week project at Mount Mary University. She has hung posters across campus that contain a weekly philosophical question and an area to write your response. The posters can be found by the dining hall, commuter lounge and daycare center.

Freshman interior design student, Lauren Harris, responded to this week’s question: “What have children taught you about love?” Harris wrote, “Forgiveness isn’t as hard as it seems.”

The Question of the Week project is part of the University of North Dakota’s Institute for Philosophy in Public Life’s radio show, “Why?” The goal of the project is to start philosophical conversations between the University of North Dakota, University of Oklahoma and Mount Mary.

“It’s to encourage and in a sense, see what other people think too, because it’s not just about our community” and “to challenge each other in an academic sense but then also in a personal growth sense of direction and flow.” Powers-King said.

Powers-King was passed Jack Weinstein’s contact information. Weinstein is the University of North Dakota’s graduate program director. She asked him for suggestions to make philosophy more prominent at Mount Mary. As a result, she started the Question of the Week project on campus.

Powers-King came to Mount Mary as an interior design major. After taking the course, Search for Meaning, she excelled and had a life-changing experience. She taught philosophy to middle school students, introducing them to the topic. She knew she had to switch majors.

“It gave me this happiness that I was unaware of … this undefined happiness that I don’t need to explain.” Powers-King said. “This newfound love is never going away.”

Everyone is welcome at any Philosophy Club meeting. King said it is a safe place to disagree and listen to other people.

The Philosophy Club meets every Wednesday in the Cyber Cafe from 12-1 p.m.

Email Celcy Powers-King for information about the club.

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