Movie Review: St. Vincent

Murray and Lieberher in St. Vincent.

Murray and Lieberher in St. Vincent.

“St. Vincent” is a 2014 comedy that stars legendary funny-man Bill Murray and comedic actress Melissa McCarthy. It also stars Academy Award nominated actress Naomi Watts and child actor newcomer Jaeden Lieberher.

The film centers around a boy named Oliver (Lieberher) and his unique friendship with disagreeable neighbor and babysitter, Vincent (Murray). The film displays their antics with each other that include gambling, visiting Vincent’s favorite bar, and hanging out with a lady of the night named Daka.

What works well for the film is Murray’s flawless performance as a crude and rude Vietnam veteran juxtaposed with Lieberher’s performance as an optimistic, wise beyond his years, schoolboy.

The film depicts a very cute story about an unlikely friendship between the pair. During the story, Oliver unveils redeeming qualities of Vincent (Murray), a man whose community doesn’t really want around. The moral of the story could be interpreted as don’t judge a book by it’s cover or never underestimate the power of friendship.

Although the story is cute, I wouldn’t necessarily call it comedy. The film certainly has its funny moments but I would categorize this film as more of a drama because it deals with some very brutal topics such as divorce, custody battles, violence and death.

I would have liked to have laughed a little bit more. The trailer for the film portrayed the film a lot funnier than it actually was so I didn’t really appreciate being mislead in that regard.

However, I personally would go and see it again. The film left me feeling sentimental and a little teary-eyed at some points because of how heartwarming Patrick and Vincent’s relationship turned out to be. Unfortunately, it did leave me wanting more in the way of comedy. I went with the intention of seeing a funny movie not a serious movie with funny moments.

If you have the chance to see the film via rental or On Demand, it is worth checking out. If you were looking to go out and see a funny movie, this might not be for you.

I give this film three out of five popcorn buckets.

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