Ode to the Subway Girl

She takes my order 
I am intrigued by her beautiful accent
Her voice is comforting 
My mind is calm

She takes a deep breath 
"Your skin color is so beautiful. I wish I was lighter"
As my world crashed before my eyes
I reply 
"Your skin color is beautiful!"
I can tell she thinks otherwise

I am stuck in this box 
I feel like a mime
Her words haunt me
I am trying to release my soul

But now it's dark 
No where to run
I'm no longer focused 
The girl is all that matters 

I'm on the other side
You get tired of your to pretty not to be mixed 
Which race do you identify with
Which race do you like better 

& I'm damn sure not trying to hear 
"You are too pretty to be with black boys"
"Dark skin girls are never your friend"

In matter of seconds I want to go back to subway
Sit with her all day
Ask her what her name is
Be her friend 
Open her mind

Take those microagressions 
Lupe it with Beyoncé 
Sing it to her like I ain't tone death 
So she can smile 
& the sun have show her off

While she flexin in her complexion 
I can admire true beauty
A girl who found her way 
Her comfortability with herself

Then reality kicks in
She ain't the only one
Forget being a belieber 
Let's get some complexion appreciation 

Society is too caught up in rob and blac Chyna
To realize that there are women on the ground who wake up and don't like what they see 
The media is suspect 
We can't forget ourselves
We play into the game 

We fight to look that way
We watch as black actors Change their eye color and lighten themselves 
& it becomes a norm not to like the skin she was born in

Forgive me if I am not willing to listen 
Her voice is all I want to hear
Took away the importance of natural beauty
Which can only be found in herself 
Gave her no room to decide for herself

To me she is beautifully designed 
Means nothing if she don't understand how I could tell such a lie 
So I hide my tears 
I gotta become stronger
For the both of us 

Her modesty is a disguise 
She is hiding behind a fake smile
They put a price tag on her worth
Like they don't mold these clones into her body 

They used her image has a template 
Stripped her right to claim it
Took her hair styles 
Told her that she can't wear it 

Plaster her face as a disgrace
Use her dignity as profit
Forget her name 
But they are not to blame
We feed on these rules and regulations
We ask for them

As she sits behind the counter admiring me
I admire her 
Watch her smile brighten the room
She notices me smile back 
For a second she knows that I got her back

Complete strangers 
And she is my Best friend
I bring her flowers 
One of each color 
To remind her that she is made of many colors
She won't always be behind the counter 
She will rise with all that Melin 
Prove that she 
Has such a beautiful complexion 

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