Online Comment: A response to “Campus on alert: Recent string of thefts threaten security,” published December 2013 in Arches and on

“I am really disappointed in the way this story was covered. This article details all the ways in which people can enter the residence hall unsupervised, publicly, on the Internet, where anyone could see and try these methods. Please think of the safety of the residents when reporting crime.”

Concerned Mount Mary Student on Dec.15, 2013  at

The article you mention does spell out several ways in which students are vulnerable to crime on campus. However, our purpose in reporting crime on campus is to caution students and elicit action from our administration.

Our call to improve security measures has proven effective. Our December 2013 issue identified outdated or missing lists of safety procedures and the need for security cameras. Since the issue, updated procedures are now listed in every classroom on campus. Cameras have also been installed on campus. Security is moving its headquarters to a more visible area on campus and continues to make improvements.

We hope that as a result of our investigative reporting, these changes are being put into effect.

Brittany Seemuth, editor-in-chief

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