Out & Out: Mac & Cheese Review

Nestled in Cedarburg, Wis. on the corner of Washington Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard sits Out & Out, a fast food restaurant that specializes in burgers, custard and mac ‘n cheese.

In April 2006, Eric opened Out & Out in an old Dairy Queen building that was only a walk-up to order restaurant. After attending the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park, New York, the owner of Out & Out, Eric, worked for several years in the hospitality field in Boston, Miami and Tahoe.

Eric describes his first year: “We had a good, busy season all summer, and then in the winter time it got a little slow because it was a walk-up stand. For a couple months, I was a little nervous because the business was new and it was the first time I was in business by myself.”

The menu at Out & Out has stayed consistent over the past 12 years; however, Eric knew in the beginning that something would have to change if business continued to be slow during the winters. While the wheels turned and ideas were thrown around, one of Eric’s high school employees told him this:

“Eric, you’re working way too hard. All you need to do is put mac n’ cheese in this bowl.” 

The three I tried.
Before the unveiling.
This is the original Out & Out that filled the vacant Dairy Queen building.
Listed are the five mac n' cheeses Out & Out offers.
Eric, the owner for 12 years.
"A stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet."
Spicy Chicken Kick!
Three Cheese Chicken!
The Original!
The gang is all here.
Since then, Out & Out has evolved its menu to offer five varieties of mac n’ cheese. In my recent tasting, I was able to try the Original Mac & Cheese, Spicy Chicken Kick, and Three Cheese Chicken.

A final note that Eric left me with shows what pride he has with the creation of his homemade mac n’ cheese:

“So when I started this little business, in that little building, I had no intention of selling mac and cheese and I had no intention of catering. Now that is really what we do. Without the addition of those two things, it really wouldn’t be what it is today.” 

Visit Out & Out at W61 N305 Washington Ave., Cedarburg, WI 53012 or visit its website, https://www.outandoutcustard.com/. 

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  1. Where’s the review part? All you did here was give some backstory on the owner/establishment and list a few menu items with pictures. This isn’t a review, it’s a free advertisement for this business.


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