Quick No Sew Bow

Hey guys, welcome back to Everything Fashion where nothing pertaining to fashion is off limits! Today we will be making a fashionable, simple, quick no sew bow. You can style this bow in your hair by just adding a hair clip or headband or use it as a bow tie. Whichever way you choose to style your bow, you will surely rock it.


All of these materials can be purchased at Walmart or any craft store.

  • Iron
  • Fabric: one large and one small rectangular piece, any length you want depending on how big of a bow tie you want
  • Scissors
  • Heat Bond Tape


  1. Fold the sides of the larger rectangle to the center and secure with heat bond tape.
  2. Iron the folds
  3. Fold the ends into the center and secure with heat bond tape.
  4. Iron the folds
  5. Repeat steps one through four for the smaller rectangle.
  6. Take the larger rectangular and pinch the middle and bring the top and bottom edges into the middle.
  7. To keep the shape of the bow, secure with heat bond tape.
  8. Wrap the smaller rectangular around the bow and secure with heat bond tape.

How will you style your bow? Respond in a comment below.

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