R.A. All Day: My Dorm Room is the ‘Room of Requirement’


Mount Mary University is an amazing school, but there is only one place that is my favorite on campus. Room 457 – my room in Caroline Hall. There is no missing my door: it’s iconic, bright, and probably even a fire hazard.


Yes, that is my dorm room. How could you miss it?

It’s funny how I can have a different room each year and then when I finally move and re-sort my things to fit a new space, a new year, then everything is as if it had never changed, as if I had never left school.

As an R.A., it’s hard to find a place that is secluded. Being around so many people all the time can make being alone sound so inviting, but in my room I’m never alone. Even though Mount Mary is beautiful and there are so many places that one could find that are serene and pleasant, I will never find as peaceful of a place than the space that I have made memories with my friends, my school family.

Me and my fellow resident assistants for the 2015-2016 academic year!

My room is dark and secluded. You will find it covered in books, pictures and Halloweens items. My room is always cold, even when the windows are closed. My windows are draped in heavy black curtains. Black is everywhere: the carpet, the comforter, the furniture – all are dark. I like to pretend that it’s my own little cave. I keep it dark, filled with things and memories that make home not so far away.

No one used to come to my room. It was creepy, but now it’s full of life. You can always find someone laughing in it, or door decorations being prepped. It then becomes no longer just a safe haven for me. It is a half-way house that takes any and all residents. From sorrow to anger, every emotion has passed through my room. I sit and watch, letting the magic and comfort of that room calm their souls and bring in the next person. If this were Hogwarts, my room would be the “Room of Requirement.” Residents find me when they need me for a multitude of problems and then leave, at all hours of the night, once they find what they were looking for.


I sit and watch, letting the magic and comfort of that room calm their souls and bring in the next person.

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