Restaurant Review: Holy Mole Guacamole — Hector’s Mexican Restaurant


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A fresh sangria and cool, creamy guacamole loaded with flavor set me up for what I thought would be a delicious, authentic Mexican meal at Hector’s Mexican Restaurant.

Most of what came after the guacamole, however, was nothing more than average.


Hector’s resides in a quaint building near downtown Wauwatosa at 7118 West State St., Milwaukee, but is as cramped in the dining room as it is in the congested parking lot.

Modern pop music wrecks the attempt at a Hispanic atmosphere that a few Mexican pieces of artwork try to purvey.

And although our service was satisfactory, several of the other waitstaff members felt it more important to check their phones every other minute than look professional.


The bar actually held more activ

ity than the restaurant.

So if anything, stop in for a drink and some delicious guacamole.

Taco Dinner

True Mexican food connoisseurs looking for an authentic taco dinner will not find it at Hector’s.

The tacos were large (contrary to traditional small Mexican tacos) and served in white corn tortillas that were a bit tough around the edges.

The pastor tacos ($3.75 a la carte) were too spicy to make me want to surpass the first bite, and the carne asada tacos ($13.95 for three) were filled with thick-cut pieces of sirloin steak instead of the traditional thinly-sliced pieces of meat.

Asparagus Mushroom Enchiladas

One dish I found fresh and original was the asparagus mushroom enchiladas.

Filled with juicy, grilled vegetables, this dish became my favorite.

Served beside rice and beans, it is the perfect meal for a vegetarian looking to step outside the safe cheese quesadilla entrée.

Be warned, though, that this is one of the pricier dishes at $14.95.

Chicken Mole

The chicken mole, a traditional recipe of shredded chicken covered in a chocolate-based sauce, was tasty, but basic.

This dish ($10.95) does carry a slight kick — nothing that can’t be handled — but diners should be warned this is not the sweet kind of mole.

A bit of guacamole or avocado can help soothe the spice.


Taste: xxx
Atmosphere: xx
Service: xxxx
Price: $$


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