Review of Beauty and the Beast

“Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.” The live action version of “Beauty and the Beast,” starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, was released on March 17.

“Beauty and the Beast” is about a young girl who lives in a small town in France. After her father becomes a prisoner in the castle by the prince turned into a beast, she sacrifices herself, so he may be set free.

Most Disney fans had been eagerly waiting for its release. As a major Disney fan myself, I was so excited I bought a ticket the first day tickets went on sale, which was a month before the release. The movie immediately started selling out shows. During opening weekend, it brought in $170 million in ticket sales, according to

Personally I thought this film lived up to all the hype but missed an opportunity to make it even better. Right away in the beginning during the song “Belle,” Belle herself could’ve been presented better.

In the animated Disney version, Belle is walking through town with her nose stuck in a book, as the song “Belle” says. In the live action version, she didn’t have her nose in a book and seems to be walking through the town a bit carelessly. She almost walks over some young girls cleaning laundry. She didn’t seem to care about what they are doing, just where she is going.

While the song is talking about how she’s different than others in town because she wants more in life, I didn’t interpret that with how she was acting.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast official movie poster. Creative Commons photo by Melissa Hillier.

Backstories for both Belle and the Beast were added to the movie. 

In Belle’s backstory, viewers learn more about why her mother is never around. I feel like doing this gave more depth and emotion to her character. When Belle and the Beast go to see where her mother died, I could feel the roller coaster of emotions with her. Though, adding this part did seem to make the movie feel longer.

During the backstory into Belle’s life, Belle and the Beast start to get to know each other more. It really shows how love can grow and how just being around someone a lot doesn’t means you will fall in love with them.

In the Beast’s backstory, viewers get to see the beginning of his life and hear more about his parents, which makes him feel more like a person instead of just a beast. It also shows how much of a spoiled and uncaring person he was and why he was changed into a beast.

Belle and the Beast dancing to the iconic song “Beauty and the Beast”. Creative Commons photo by Melissa Hillier.

Unlike Belle’s backstory, this storyline was a nice addition. Seeing who he was before he became a beast made the character feel more real. He wasn’t someone who was as relatable to viewers in the animated version because they were left with open ended questions, such as “How old was he when he was turned into a beast?”

I thought the touch of giving the Beast a song was a great choice, which is titled “Evermore.” While he is an important part of the story, he doesn’t have much going on in the singing department in the animated version. Through giving him a song, he seems to open up about his real feelings for Belle and how much he loves her. This shows a softer side of the Beast after seeing his dark side throughout the whole beginning of the movie.

The song “Gaston” is a popular song from the animated version. Disney really took a risk by changing up a few parts in it for the live action version, such as making LeFou illiterate by not knowing how to spell Gaston’s name and also leaving out a few lyrics. 

I honestly enjoy both of the versions of the song “Gaston.” With the changes, it fit really well into the live action version of the movie. It shows how much the townspeople really admire Gaston because they join LeFou in talking about and praising him.

Disney has done multiple remakes of classic movies and has many in the works, such as “The Lion King,” “Mulan” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” If those remakes turn out as well as “Beauty and the Beast,” Disney fans will have a lot of good things to look forward too.

Overall, I would give this movie nine out of 10 roses. I will definitely be purchasing it when it comes out on DVD to watch over and over again.


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