Review: The Walking Dead season 5 premiere


The dead have risen once again … again.

Sunday, Oct. 12 marked the long awaited return of AMC’s television series, “The Walking Dead.”

A post apocalyptic series brings to life the fear of a zombie outbreak. It follows the struggles of a group of survivors: Rick, an ex sheriff, and his group that consist of his son Carl, his baby daughter, Judith, Michonne, a woman known for her use of a samurai sword, Daryl, a crossbow wielding, hunter/tracker, Carol, a house wife turned expert survivalist, as well as a few others. The show takes play in the state of Georgia.

The season five premiere episode was riveting! The last season left off with Rick and “the gang” (Michonne, Darryl and Carl) arriving at Terminus, a supposed sanctuary. Unfortunately, things went downhill quickly as Rick recognized some of the attire that the others were wearing as belongings of his fellow comrades (the individuals Rick hasn’t reunited with yet).

The premiere opens up with a flashback where Terminus leader, Gareth, undergoes a brutal transformation into an emotionless cannibal. I think opening with a flashback to a character that we, the audience, barely know actually works very well for this episode.

Needless to say for you cult followers, guns were raised. Rick and his companions were imprisoned in a large storage unit on the Terminus compound, strangely enough in the same unit as Glenn, Maggie, Sasha and friends, making it an unfortunate but happy reunion. Meanwhile, Carol’s group dwindled down to just her, Tyreese and Judith, as the other two little girls, Lizzie and Mika, had deceased.

At first, the flashbacks seemed to be out of place because they were about a character that we don’t necessarily care about. We haven’t grown with this character and as far as I’m concerned, Gareth is a villain on every level a person could be.

However, the flashbacks end up working together to make us question the decisions of Rick and his group: Should they destroy terminus or not?

What also worked well for this season premiere is that it resumed right where we left off at the end of the previous season. It is presented as though it picks up with the group on the same day. A lot of other shows will start a fresh season by telling a new story about the characters, whereas “The Walking Dead” continued the same story. I like that because it doesn’t become predictable. We still don’t ever know what is going to happen; we can only speculate.

All in all, I think this episode was extremely well done. I have the utmost respect for the writers of this series because each episode is a mystery. I’m always left wanting more. The story line isn’t outwardly predictable, meaning that there are predictable moments, but never in a way where it takes you out of the story completely. This is a major point that keeps me watching.

This episode is scary, but it becomes heart-warming towards the end. I was just beside myself during the whole episode. I found myself talking to the characters throughout the situation and at times peeking through my fingers to see what’s going to happen, even though it might be really scary.

I give this premiere episode 5 out of 5 popcorn buckets. It is a must-see!

“Walking Dead” airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. central time on AMC.

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  1. I like walking dead very much. I have been following it for several years now. This is the best series for me. I cannot wait for another episode to come. It’s very thrilling and teaches us a lesson for survival.


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