The Women of the Magazine

Quinn Clark











Quinn Clark is a reporter and blogger for Arches. She is a freshman, majoring in English with a concentration in Writing for New Media. Quinn hopes to one day have a career in which she can pursue her love of writing, whether that be reporting, editing or column writing. To learn more, contact Quinn at

Gianna De Loney








Gianna Francesca De Loney is a senior double majoring in Spanish and Public Relations with a minor in Writing for New Media. In her free time, she is an avid video gamer, sports enthusiast, travel photographer and natural hair blogger. She serves as a reporter and photographer for Arches.

Amelia Flint








Amelia Flint is a senior majoring in Dietetics. She is very interested by the food’s impact on the human body compared to traditional medicinal methods alone to improve overall health. Her interest in food sparked a newfound love for cooking and blogging for Mount Mary’s Arches.

Denisse Hernandez








Denisse Hernandez is an Art Therapy Graduate Student. She wears many hats and has enjoyed working as a photographer, illustrator, reporter, blogger, and designer. Overall she is an artist and the Creative Director for the Arches student publication. She likes to be a bird that appreciates everything (specially reading, art, and music), runs, and is very intrepid.

Payton Hintz








Payton Hintz is a senior majoring in Graphic Design. She has a passion for design, illustration, cats and science fiction. Being a designer and illustrator for Arches has helped her find her true passion, and she plans to continue working in the magazine world after spring graduation.

Jamie Hollins








Jamie Nicole Hollins is a senior in English Literature studies as a transfer student to Mount Mary University. She has worked in amateur publication at Wauwatosa East High School, prior Universities attended, and has poetry published in an anthology. Her long-term goal is to be the next great American novelist.

Nina Kesic











Nina Kesic is a sophomore majoring in Fashion Merchandise Management with minors in Business Administration and Journalism. She has been a member of Arches since her freshman year at Mount Mary, helping as the Photo Editor, and recently took on the role of Website Assistant. She has a great love for photography, fashion, and social justice. For more information, please contact Nina at

Lexie Kline








Lexie Kline is the tweeter for Arches Twitter. She’s a junior with a double major in Fashion Merchandise Management and English Writing for New Media. She also has a minor in Business Merchandising. She joined Arches to enhance her new media skills. Lexie considers herself an avid fashion follower, media geek, and Christ follower. 

Aneela Nasir








Aneela Nasir is an English graduate student. She serves as Co-Editor in Chief at Arches News. In her free time, Aneela enjoys baking and working out.

Bryanna Sanders








Bryanna Sanders is a junior majoring in English, with a concentration in New Media Writing. She is a freelance photographer, is interested in marketing and has the goal of owning her own marketing firm in the future. Bryanna is an editor, reporter and photographer for Arches.

Suzie Skalmoski








Suzie Skalmoski is a senior majoring in Writing for New Media, and she is a reporter and designer for Arches magazine. Suzie hopes to work for a nonprofit organization’s media department and teach the organization some new media tips that could help them connect to the digital community. In addition, Suzie enjoys creative writing in her free time, and she also hopes to be a published writer at some point in her career. 

Sandrea Smith








Temeria Taper








Termeria Taper is a senior majoring in Biology Health Science with a minor in English New Media. She is loves exploring issues of social justice, sleep, Netflix, and is an avid fan of everything Beyoncé. She is the Co-Editor-in-Chief and reporter for Arches.

MacKenzie Troehler








MacKenzie Troehler is a junior majoring in English Literature. She loves reading and plans on doing it for a living. She is a reporter, layout designer, and Creative Works editor for Arches. 

Kayla Urban










Kayla Urban is an inspiring Travel Blogger bringing her knowledge of traveling on a budget to Mount Mary students. She is currently enrolled in the English master’s program and interning at a publishing company. In her free time, Kayla likes to bowl and bake cookies. 

Julia Wachuta








Julia Wachuta is a sophomore in her second year of Arches. She has been a blogger, reporter and columnist for the magazine. When she is not writing, doing homework or working, Julia enjoys reading, crocheting and snuggling with her four cats.

Teresa Wooster









Teresa Wooster is an English Graduate student focusing on professional and new media writing. She is a working mother and wife who loves to cook. Teresa is the web editor for, and does reporting and design for print and web.

Barbara Xiong








Barbara Xiong is an Interior Design Major with a Writing for New Media minor expecting to graduate in Spring 2018. She is a tiny person with a big personality who enjoys being crafty and making music. Fun fact: she loves pandas.

Precious Xiong











Precious Xiong is the Business Manager for the Arches Magazine.  She is majoring in Business Administration.  Fun facts about Precious is that she enjoys making people happy and her hobbies includes sewing, traveling, and eating ethnic foods! 


Linda Barrington – Advisor

Laura Otto – Advisor

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