Scarves trending this fall


Ana Mercado shows off the Infinity scarf which is trending this holiday season.

Ana Mercado shows off the infinity scarf which is trending this holiday season.

You grip on tightly to your scarf and coat as you head to class. Days of flip-flop sandals and shorts are long gone. Fall has arrived.

For Wisconsinites, it means ordering hot cocoa or pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, cuddling by the fire with your significant other and piling on warm layers of clothing.

Accessorizing with scarves has been the trend for the last few seasons. They have become a necessity to anyone’s wardrobe. Not only do they provide warmth and protection from the cold but also, they add the finishing touch to any ensemble making something plain pop with boldness and color.

“From fun-patterned, colorful scarves to casual knits, scarves can add flare to a simple outfit, said Ana Mercado, a Mount Mary University fashion design student. Experimenting with different scarf tying techniques can show off an individual’s creative style.”

From the infinity scarf, which is designed to look like a “U,” to the classic knit scarf, there are many styles and designs to choose from.

“I love big knitted infinity scarves. They are nice and warm for fall weather, and they are also super easy to wear,” Mercado said.

There are many different ways of wearing scarves  and creating the perfect style does not have to be a hassle or take much preparation time.

“I like a scarf that can be turned into anything, said Mount Mary fashion design student Pa Ser Yang, who is an independent contractor for Kohl’s Corporation. “It can used as an accessory or it can be used as a shawl.”

Ana Mercado, a Mount Mary University fashion design student, shows a suave style when wearing a scarf like a shawl.

Photos provided by ANA MERCADO
Ana Mercado, a Mount Mary University fashion design student, shows a suave style when wearing a scarf like a shawl.

While scarves can be purchased at retail stores like Target and Kohl’s Department Stores, they can also be handmade or found in small boutiques.

Pang Vang, creator of Personalized Made, an online alteration, sewing, and corsage orders business, has been sewing scarves for ten years.

“Scarfs are statement pieces to any outfit,” Vang said. “I always try to keep up with trends, what looks pretty and color coordination are always key. Mixing different fabrics and colors are always the fun part. I love scarfs so I’m constantly looking for new ideas and fabric.”

One of her scarf designs includes a reversible infinity scarf made with green colored leaves on a coral color on one side with a transparent deep green chiffon material on the other side.

“I believe a scarf should be versatile so you can say I enjoy infinity pieces most since there are so many options to play with” Vang said.

Whether it’s hand-made or store-bought, wear scarves to display your own style this fall.

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