Scrunchies Hot for Summer 2017 Trends

A trend that no one thought would recycle is the scrunchie. We can all picture those girls in the ‘80s and ‘90s with their one piece swimsuits and their hair in a high scrunchie ponytail heading to the pool, and if you can’t, ask your mom for some pictures of her as a teen.

What’s a scrunchie? Simply it is a cloth covered ponytail holder that keeps your hair in place when you put it up. They come in all different kinds of fabric like cotton and polyester blend, all the way up to velvet. They also come in lots of styles and range from metallic to neon colors to unique patterns.

The best part about scrunchies is that not only can you buy them in cool colors, patterns and styles, but you can also make them! It’s actually quite simple. The only materials you need are cloth, an elastic threader and hair elastic. The process of making one takes no longer than five to ten minutes, so it’s a great DIY project.

The scrunchie was not always so versatile with design and style though. Rommy Revson patented her Scünci in 1986, according to Revson named it the Scünci after her sick toy poodle. Over the years, the spelling of the name changed to scrunchie due to the way it scrunches up.

If you are anything like me though, you’ll wonder if you can pull off this style. Well, anyone who enjoys a throwback ‘80s look will pull off the scrunchie trend perfectly. The scrunchie was made for those who love that high rise jean, graphic t-shirt and crop top style.

Those of us who don’t like throwback trends or don’t think we can pull it off will tend to shy away from the scrunchie. Why? We find scrunchies to be outdated or unfashionable.

Tiffany Panasiewicz.

I am here to stop that though! Scrunchies ARE going to be in this summer. Someone who couldn’t agree with me more is Tiffany Panasiewicz, a sophomore majoring in social work.

“I love wearing my scrunchie!” Panasewicz said. “It is the easiest go-to look that I can do with my hair and will work with just about any outfit in my closet.”

Panasewicz is right. The scrunchie comes in and out of trend so quickly. It’s like you see the trend happening, you go buy a scrunchie for yourself, and then you see it make its way into the out category. This quick pace is what makes people unsure to try the trend, but others will wear it through the trendy and non trendy times.

Rest assured though, if you are reading this blog at the beginning of the summer, you will not be too late to go pick up a scrunchie and rock it out for the summer. In fact, shows us that Selena Gomez is picking up this trend extra early before summer is here. If Selena can wear it before summer starts, so can YOU! So get up and go buy that scrunchie!

For cute DIY videos on how to make your own scrunchie, check out these fabulous videos! 

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