Sister Sister

I look In ha eyes and I see my self
My self looks back at me 
Ha eyes are pretty 

She sees in me what I see in her 
A Kinetic energy 
A parallel universe 
Where I love her and she loves me 

Her mind is mine
My soul is hers

As we sit in this space and absorb each other 
The fear of being seen sets in 
We remember that our mind is hunted 
Slaughtered an forgotten 

They take our noses 
Remove our skin 
Take our names 
Feed us lies 

They sit outside and watch 
Watch us neva grow old 
The hate cooks in our body 
Watch her kill me 

Now, it’s my turn 
I kill another butterfly 
Drain all her color 
Pin her wings 

Stuck in the this cycle of violence 
Chains on our hands and feet 
Still bond togetha 
Always togetha 

They don’t know that was their mistake 
My last straw of strength 
Her last thought of hope 
They find comfort in each other 

As the power of every woman before us
Moves through our bodies 
Our bodies pulse 
We meet eyes 
She smiles 
I cry 
Change gon come

Don’t you forget 
Wakanda forever 
Assta ain’t get exiled for nothing 
Corretta ain’t create with no purpose 
Mede didn’t give us a choice not to chose 

We got life to give 
And chains to break 
Set all these mothers free 
Give these men something to live for

See cus all this strength came from her 
She is irreplaceable 
This not a love like between man 
This deeper than just a marriage 

Her hand in mine 
She takes care of my soul
She holds me up when I’m down 
Her love helps me grow

She knows my pain before I do 
She crowns me 
Her smile revives me 
How she can see so much life in me 
Is beyond me 

But I can tell you now that she is the reason for my fight 
Herd that? 
She prepares me for this war 
Wraps my battle wounds 

She so Divine 
Humble beast 
With every color 
She rises with the sun 
Bows with the moon 

I am not my sister’s keeper 

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