Soccer Player Karina Salgado: What happens off the field?

Salgado dribbles the ball down the field to score her first goal of the 2016 season.

Karina Salgado may be one of the smallest on the team, but she plays with the biggest heart.

Salgado is a sophomore from Chicago studying Spanish education. Teaching is something that she has always wanted to pursue.

“I want to be able to teach a student another language and culture that isn’t their own or to help a kid learn more about their own culture,” Salgado said.

Salgado is a member of the Blue Angels soccer team and one of the team’s leaders. She’s always had soccer around her. Her family has constantly been involved with it, so she grew up playing and watching it.

“Being a team leader means to always pump up my teammates,” Salgado said. “Making sure they never have a long face when something goes wrong on and off the field.”

The 2016 Blue Angels soccer team, before the game against Andrews University, on senior night where they celebrated the seniors’ last home game.

She ended her sophomore season as a second-year, starting mid-fielder with five goals and six assists. Over the course of two seasons she has earned multiple awards including Mount Mary Athletics Department’s Freshmen of the year 2015-2016, GSAC All-Conference Team 2015, AD3I Second Team All-Conference 2016, GSAC Player of the week 10/12/15 and Mount Mary Soccer Rookie of the Year 2015.

“She is a pretty quiet person on the field, but when I step on the field with her, I know she will put 100 percent of her energy into the game,” Fellow team member, Becky Onan said. “Just watching her I can tell how passionate she is for the game”

Soccer coach Jon Gulrajani also describes Salgado as a hard working, but quiet individual.

Salgado fights for the ball in a game against conference rival Maranatha Baptist.

“What is fun is to see when she takes the field, she becomes a competitor, her tireless work ethic takes over, her passion for the game comes out in her technical flair of skills and her will to win is on full display,” Gulrajani said.

Salgado also is actively involved on campus to help grow her leadership skills and to leave her mark on the Mount Mary University community. She is currently the historian for the Aspiring Educators Association, the secretary of the S.A.L.S.A. club, a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, a member of Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee and also takes part in the Promise Program.

“I have to balance everything out to make sure I have enough time in the week to complete everything I have to do” Salgado said. “Being a student athlete almost feels like there isn’t enough hours in the day.”

Salgado dribbles the ball around her opponents, looking to pass it off to her fellow teammates.

Salgado knows all about time management as she has to juggle all of these commitments on a daily basis.

“Whenever I see Karina around school, she is always running around getting stuff together,” Onan said. “She commits her time to being successful, and she stays positive. I think that’s the goal. If you want to be successful in the future, this is where you learn time management.”

Gulrajani describes Salgado as a player to watch.

“She is making the most of every experience at Mount Mary University,” Gulrajani said. “We look forward to watching her grow as a player in this program. She really has so much more to accomplish.”

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