Social justice, literature meet Cameron Diaz

green-apple-with-tape-10029796By ERIN MIHOR

Hello Mt. Mary!

Mount Mary University’s mission of social justice creeps its way into classroom conversations and presentations. Social Justice is essential to the university’s foundation and hopefully to students’ educations. Why?

As educated women, we have the power to change the world. Some of us might graduate and go on to become politicians, teachers or activists. Others may become stay-at-home moms who raise their children with the knowledge of social change.

We might even start grass-root change by promoting buying local instead of purchasing from big chain stores. The avenues for working to change our global society are numerous. Before we can work to change a social injustice, we need to be able to recognize it and become informed.

As an English major, I desire to incorporate literature and social justice into various blogs. My goal for this blog is to highlight areas in our global society which require change  by providing weeks of topic exploration. I hope discussions will ensue on the literature I showcase and the ideas I target.

As for today, I will focus on Cameron Diaz’s latest craze, health and nutrition. Being a big fan of Cameron Diaz, I was excited to hear about her new endeavor, The Body Book, a scientific standpoint on healthy living.

According to the dust jacket, The Body Book talks about nutrition at a cellular level. I skimmed through the book and at first glance it appeared that many of the concepts correlated to the Slow Food Movement, which will be my next topic.

Slow food is defined as cooking in your kitchen with local food that was purchased at a fair price namely: pots, pans, dirty dishes, happy kids and sustainable farming. Doesn’t that sound fun?

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