Socks and Sandals: Walking Into Top 2017 Summer Trends

Adrianna Nester sporting her socks and sandals as an athlete of Mount Mary.

No matter who you are or where you live, you’ve seen at least one person wearing socks with sandals. Toddlers to the elderly can wear socks with sandals, which means ANYONE!

“Socks with sandals was first recorded to be seen in Yorkshire, England,” said Jamie Kara, a textiles professor at Mount Mary University. “This is linked to the early Romans wearing them all the way until today’s current people.”

So, socks and sandals doesn’t date back to Jesus after all.

However, people are skeptical of this trend, including me. It comes in and out so quickly. It seems that for a few years wearing socks and sandals is completely trendy and in style, but shortly after it is frowned upon.

For someone who has never embraced the socks with sandals trend, I’m starting to see that not only do people love it, but it’s part of their lifestyle.

“I’m a sports person,” freshman athlete, Adrianna Nester said, “It’s part of my style to throw on some socks and slip on sandals and run with it.”

As a previous athlete, this is something that I can attest to. Wearing sandals with socks is such an easy style to embrace when having an active lifestyle.

Debra Brenegan wearing her socks and sandals in style in the classroom.

But what about the girls who aren’t sporty? Is this a trend for them too? ABSOLUTELY! Recently, I was taking a photo of a fellow student who was rocking this trend when Debra Brenegan, a professor of mine, asked me why I was taking a picture of her feet. As I explained to her about the socks and sandals trend, she instantly knew this was a trend she could be a part of. Brenegan told me she wears socks and sandals too.

“I wear them mostly when I’m around the house because they’re comfortable,” Brenegan said.

It doesn’t stop there though. This trend is also hot for men right now. I know, I know. We all instantly think of the famous Jack Hanna wearing his socks with slip sandals while exploring the jungle. However, I promise the trend is nothing like that.

Men are intrigued by the convenience of socks and sandals. It is that athletic sporty lifestyle that Nester explained earlier. According to, men’s clothing brands such as Versace and Prada are taking on this trend. It is not for the convenience but rather the fashion statement that it creates.

Whether it’s for comfort, convenience or fashion, socks with sandals is trending for spring/summer 2017. Even though socks with sandals is still debatable as good looking fashion, one can’t deny the rising trend.

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