SoulPancake sparks joy at Voices of Leadership

Anne Zizzo (L), Shabnam Mogharabi

Anne Zizzo (L), Shabnam Mogharabi

Mount Mary’s Women’s Leadership Institute held its annual Voices of Leadership event featuring keynote speaker Shabnam Mogharabi, CEO of SoulPancake, on March 2, 2016.

SoulPancake is a multimedia entertainment company that focuses on delivering uplifting, thought-provoking and meaningful content to millennials, a generation Mogharabi said is, “relentlessly positive.”

Mogharabi gave an inspiring hour-long talk explained how SoulPancake keeps up with an ever-changing internet culture while continuing to put out meaningful content. She also covered what joy means and how it can be cultivated.

Watch a clip from the Q&A session with Shabnam Mogharabi for tips on bringing more joy into your life.


What does joy mean to you? Share in the comments!


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