South Korean Food: A Dignifying Meal for the Dignified You

American Inspired Corn Dogs with a Sugar Coat Twist

In South Korea, you will never grow hungry even if you only have a few dollars on you. South Korea has a delicious cuisine that offers inspiration from all over the world. From traditional dishes such as kimchi (fermented spicy and sour cabbage) or samgyeopsal (pork belly), Chinese inspired cuisines such as jajangmyeon (black bean noodles), or American inspired corn dogs and pizza, Koreans know how to bring their own twists to the table.

South Korea is split into different cities and within those cities are smaller sections split into districts. In these districts, tourists can find foods distinctive to that specific location, such as the crab in Busan, and enjoy cultural foods concocted by locals or inspired by other Asian countries and Western influences.

Not only are foods in Korea affordable with prices ranging anywhere from $1-$10, but you can obtain food FAST and late into the night hours with more than enough to eat. With the astounding nightlife in Korea, there are endless food options to choose from. And unlike the U.S., where getting food in a fast-paced manner is likely to make you end up with an upset stomach, South Korea has dignified meals with nutritional substance made by regular people like you and me.

Although not everyone can drop everything and fly over to South Korea, there are two restaurants that have authentic Korean cuisines here in Milwaukee where anyone can enjoy!


Stone Bone Grill

Seoul Restaurant

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