Spring into Fashion at Goodwill

I think it’s safe to say most of us are taking a collective sigh of relief now that we can walk outside without feeling like we’re going to contract hypothermia. The temperature outside is increasing and so is my excitement for spring.

Ah, spring fashion–floral prints and bright colors, and being able to flaunt it all without a puffy winter jacket. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to do some spring shopping.

I was lucky enough to be accompanied by two friends from Mount Mary University, Emily Cabaltera and Victoria Murray, on a successful spring shopping trip at Goodwill located in Wauwatosa.

This Goodwill had impressively modern options that you’d see at the mall or at Target even today. My friends and I had our eyes set out for shoes, shirts and dresses that could make up the perfect spring outfit.


I love how you can find the cutest things at Goodwill, like these heels that have spring written all over them. Only $6.99

My personal favorite shoe-find are these heeled booties. The holes not only give them a spring-vibe, but also allow for some air circulation, perfect for warm weather. I love how unique the shoes are while also remaining modern and classy. Only $9.99. 

These light pink flats would look great with just about anything, like a sundress or cuffed jeans. Not only were they a nice, spring color, but they were also extremely comfortable. No one wants blisters when they are wearing flats--that’s always the worst.

These white sneakers are the perfect shoe to quickly slip on when heading out the door. There was also more than one shoe size to choose from; another pair of these shoes can be seen in the background. At Goodwill, it isn’t rare to see the same piece of clothing or pair of shoes in multiple sizes. Only $3.99.

I was impressed that Goodwill had the same style of shoe in different colors. Pointed-toe flats can bring together an outfit and make it appear more professional. Only $4.99

These open-toe boots just screamed “spring” to me. Their heel could add some formality to an outfit, while the fringe also adds fun. They could go with a sundress, jeans, shorts--you name it. Only $9.99.


Flowy, light blouses are, in my opinion, a spring wardrobe staple. Good news: there were plenty of cute ones at Goodwill. All blouses are priced at $4.99. 

Victoria also found a shirt she really liked. This pink, striped shirt looked great on her. This is yet another top that could go with so many different outfits; like with a pair shorts, a skirt, or jeans like she is wearing in the photo.
With this blouse, she paired it with jeans found in the store. The jeans fit perfectly, and when rolled up, really complimented the blouse’s “spring-vibe.” Can you believe this whole outfit was only 10 dollars?
Emily ended up trying on one that she really liked. Look how cute she looks in this blouse for only 4.99! It fit nicely and even matched with her jeans she was already wearing. She also tried on another blouse with a pair of pants she found.
Another good spring find with a beautiful floral print.
This blouse was full of low and it had a nice paisley pattern.

Dresses & Rompers

The perfect sundress or romper really ties together a spring wardrobe–but they’re always so expensive. Luckily, at Goodwill, there were plenty of options that are just as cute as ones in retail stores.

Emily found the perfect dress, covered in sunflowers, that made her look like she was 100% ready for warm weather. It fit her perfectly, so she just had to get it, especially considering it was such a great deal – $4.99.








The cuteness doesn’t stop there. This red dress was another great find, and it matched her boots perfectly, which she was already wearing. This dress would be so easy to throw on, but it would appear to look like a real effort was made. This only cost $7.99.



I know my favorite thing to wear in spring is a nice romper. In addition to tons of dresses to look through, there were also plenty of rompers. Both of the rompers pictured cost $7.99. 











The great thing about shirt-dresses is how easy they are to throw on, and how comfortable they are while remaining fashionable. The flowiness of this shirt-dress was perfect for a relaxed, yet adorable, spring look.

Thank you so much for reading this week’s post! We had so much fun on our little shopping spree, and were shocked at how many great options there were. What was your favorite Thrifty Thursday find? Comment below and let me know!


  1. I’m really enjoying these articles. It is hard to find my young daughter clothes and this is a huge help for spring!


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