Students Who Blog

By: Alli Kelly
Blogging started as a form of online journaling in the 1990s; today, there are millions of blogs connecting billions of readers across the globe. Check out these blogs by Mount Mary students who have carved out their own piece of the blogosphere!
Craig Mattson – The Zen Plate Craig Mattson
Craig Mattson, a Mount Mary alum, writes about cooking from the standpoint of mindfulness. His blog, The Zen Plate, was inspired by his work in the food industry. Mattson is also interested in the intersection of food, culture and environment, hence the desire to focus on being mindful about food, where it comes from and how it is cooked.
“The fact that I can hone in on style and content to both satisfy my creative aspirations and other people’s tastes is exciting,” Mattson said. “It’s not hard to start a blog, but one must have vision and discipline.”
The Zen Plate
Ashleigh Spitza
Funky Beets is a blog about healthy, whole food recipes. Ashleigh Spitza, senior dietetics student, wanted a creative outlet that would blend her love of food with her passion for creative writing.
“I love cooking, eating and sharing my life through recipes, words and photos,” Spitza said. “I love that my friends and family can pop on Funky Beets and get an update about what’s been happening in my kitchen (and sometimes in my life).”
Spitza advises students who are interesting in starting their own blogs to examine their favorite blogs and “figure out what makes them great.”
“Then take those gems and melt them into a stained glass window of your own,” Spitza said.
Megan Biere
Megan Biere, a junior English major, blogs about single parenting and mental illness. This topic is close to home for her, as her son has a mental illness, along with other close family members. Biere hopes to enlighten readers on the subjects and give them a sense of hope.
“Someone has to be honest about this stuff,” Biere said. “I hope others won’t feel alone and helpless reading my blog.”
Chetney Dudzic
Chetney Dudzic found blogging as a way to stay accountable for her food choices. As a senior in the dietetics program, eating healthy is very important to her. Since she started her blogs, she has lost more than 80 pounds!
“Blogging helps give a voice in an avenue that is personal, yet able to reach hundreds if not thousands of readers,” Dudzic said.
Chetney advises bloggers to follow their true voices. “If you make a blog using other people as more than just inspiration, are you being true to you? How can you fail if you are representing your true loves/passions?”
ASHLEIGH BROWN – AshLeigh Marie Brown
AshLeigh Brown
AshLeigh Brown found blogging as a way to focus on the creative side of her personality. Brown’s blog consists of self-written poetry and creative thoughts on media. As a student in the graduate English program with a focus on creative writing, she has found that blogging has been a huge help to her professionally.
“If I make a professional connection, I can refer them to my website where I keep my blog, writing samples and resume,” Brown said. She also loves the thought of someone else reading her words and this inspires her to continue blogging.
Kathy Bergant
The inspiration for GeneaBloggist came from the research Kathy Bergant, who is graduating this May from the graduate English program, has been doing on her family history for most of her life. Bergant shares personal stories on her blog as well and tips for tracing genealogy.
“Every person on my family tree inspires me,” Bergant said. “It is an honor for me to keep their memories alive by sharing their photos and their stories.”
Rachel Schneider
Rachel Schneider, a senior in the merchandise management program, blogs about fashion trends. One of the highlights of her blogs is the “outfit of the day” feature, where she creates a trendy outfit on a budget and details the cost of each piece, as well as where you can purchase it.
“I started the blog just for fun, to be my way of expressing myself through fashion,” Schneider said. “After four years, I still love blogging and I hope to update the blog more after graduation. It’s a great way to build my portfolio.”

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