Supergirl: official season one trailer by IGN.

Supergirl is a show that started its first season on CBS, but then was moved over to the CW network alongside other superhero shows such as The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Supergirl focuses on a young assistant in a magazine company. The assistant, Kara Danvers, was born and raised on a planet called Krypton until her planet was destroyed when she was about twelve. As her parents send her away to escape and to protect her cousin, Superman, her pod got knocked onto a course heading to earth. After being found in her pod, she was brought to a family that would take care of her.

Jumping years later, Kara Danvers is now the assistant to Kat Grant of Catco Worldwide media. When her adoptive sister gets into trouble, Kara has no choice but to reveal the powers she has due to earth’s different gravity. Kara can fly, has super strength and can shoot lasers out of her eyes. But, Kara has to keep her Supergirl identity a secret from her friends to keep them safe from the dangers of villains and aliens. Although Kara has had some close calls to people almost finding out her identity, she has still managed to keep her secret safe.

Currently, Supergirl is on its fourth season. Without revealing any spoilers of the previous seasons, I feel that it is an important season because of its theme. The fourth season focuses on aliens in National City. Because National City has faced its most tragic events because of aliens from different planets, a group called The Children of Liberty, is formed to protest the arrival of aliens and Supergirl.

Supergirl is a fun show to watch after a stressful day, but it also touches on many different themes including equal rights and feminism. Supergirl deserves to be watched and talked about. Supergirl is on the CW Sunday nights 8/7c.

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