Swaggering to the World’s Rhythms


Mount Mary’s International Club celebrated the world’s cultural differences by hosting a fashion show and dance performance on April 15, while students, faculty and staff ate their lunches.

Diners watched and clapped as women dressed in a variety of ethnic clothing spun and strutted down the make-shift runway to the back of the Alumnae Dining Hall. The Dance Association and the International Club performed to honor the observance of Multicultural Communication Month.

Each year, the club chooses new styles of dance to teach based on member interest.

“Dance and its movements show pieces of other cultures,” said Katie Roell, Hawaiian dancer and a public relations, communications major.

Further, dancing and dressing-up is fun, it’s exciting to watch and it’s understood by most viewers, said Jacqueline Luedtke, dance instructor at Mount Mary, who learned to perform the Hawaiian hula dance early in her childhood.

“Dance Association began including dances from Oceania [Polynesia & Micronesia] in 2005,”  Luedtke said. “At that time we had a Micronesian student at Mount Mary College.”

Those interested in learning about dance and theory can enroll next fall in a variety of two credit dance courses, such as modern dance, dance composition or modern dance theory and technique. The classes are open to all Mount Mary students and meet the college’s three fine arts core credit requirement.

Currently, students are rehearsing for their Spring Concert “Life Isn’t About…” to be presented May 3-4 at 8 p.m. in the Global Little Theater in Caroline Hall.

“I think it’s important to make people see that we come from different places,” said Ayaka Izumi, who attended Mount Mary a few years ago, as an exchange student from Japan. “People [need to] understand America is compromised of people’s differences.”





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