The election propaganda is annoying me!

Yes, election season is here once again.  Signs are popping up.  Every television station are running political ads. People are shouting here and there,“Go out and vote!”

It is next to impossible for someone in the U.S. not to know the presidential election is just days away.  Let me say, I will be happy once this election is over because it means no more election propaganda for a while.  At this point, I’ve already heard what the candidates have to say and I have made my decision.  Therefore, all the election propaganda is annoying me, even though I’m perpetuating the whole ordeal by blogging about it.

I would  also like to note that this is an election where the President tries to win another term. So I always call these types of elections “four more years of the current situation or the benefit of the doubt.”  What I mean is, the current President will continue, if elected, doing whatever he did the last four years.

In the last election both candidates were “newbies.” Neither one had any experience in running a country.  Since this election is not a newbie election but one that has an incumbent, to me, many people have already decided whom they will vote for which makes all the debates, advertisements and harassment of people to go out and vote a little unnecessary.

Feel free to disagree with me.

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