The Great Debate: Resident vs. Commuter

Being a resident can be beneficial to your college experience, but so can being a commuter. Which one would make your life easier? Check out this comparison to see if your current choice suits your lifestyle.


Campus Resident


     1. Friends

Living on campus, you don’t have to go far to hang out with your friends. Just open your door, walk down the hall, and there they are. Your social life has never been better.  

      2. Travel Time

Travel time? What’s that? You’re already on school grounds. Enjoy sleeping in an hour longer each morning. Class is just two staircases and a few hallways away.

 4. Independence

In a dorm, you have to be responsible for yourself, whereas a commuter has a choice to live at home. There is no chance of mom nagging you to do the dishes or clean your room. It’s a little taste of life on your own without having take care of a house or apartment. It’s the perfect transition to adult life.


 4. Events

Are you excited to attend the Halloween dance next Thursday? Does the climate change movie “This Changes Everything” interest you? Good thing you’re a resident, or you might be home during these fun activities. Being involved on campus is a breeze, and getting to events isn’t such an issue.


5. Homework

Home can be a hard place to do homework. Your family won’t leave you alone, and you’re surrounded by all of your favorite things to do. On school grounds, it is easier to remain in the learning mindset. Go to the library and get typing; your English paper will be completed a lot faster.




Being a resident is costly. By commuting, it is possible to save money for other necessities. If your house or apartment is close enough, you’ve got the financial advantage.

     2. Comfort

The comfort of your own home can be the decision maker. If you value going home to your own bed in your own house more than getting the full college experience, then commuting may be the best decision for you.


      3. Getting Out More

Being stuck on campus for most of the week can be a boring routine. By driving to school each morning, you experience more of the city and more of your surroundings. Through constantly having to make the drive, you’ll know the city better than a lot of the residents.

      4.  Pets

If you’re an animal lover, commuting may be for you. You can’t bring Fluffy with you to your dorm. Leaving pets behind can be quite depressing, especially if you’re used to doing homework with your pet by your side or sleeping with your dog at the foot of your bed.

   5. Family

While being a resident is good for seeing your college friends, it doesn’t do much good in the category of seeing family. Commuters have more face to face contact with mom and dad, as well as brothers and sisters. For the person who values having family nearby, commuting is the better option.


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