The Moon Is a Cheese Ball: Learn from the depths of distant places

Is this the moon? Or is this cheese? That is the question.


I stared up at the night sky to see the moon and then looked down to observe all that had succumbed to its light. It was the largest full moon of the year and, according to Nasa, this was due to its closeness to the earth. Apparently the moon would never be this close again.

I looked up once more and stared at the vast details of its craters that seemed to form a bunny as well as a man. The more I stared, the more pictures I saw, and it became difficult to look away. I remained transfixed until I heard a few voices that made me look away.

I had been sitting on a table next to a few trees in between the library and the mail delivery area. This table was a lucky find since the campus grounds workers move chairs, benches and tables throughout campus all the time. The spot where I was positioned was eggceptional due to its accessibility to the wonderful imagery that emanated from the gorgeous view of the moon. I could see the moon and its entire trajectory.

The voices were coming from the direction of the old abandoned tennis courts. They were running towards me as they screamed my name in familiar vocals. “Denisse!” My little sister’s voice rang as I saw all three of my siblings’ legs run towards me. Their faces were illuminated by the giant ball of moon that hung above us. At the speed they were running, I thought that they would probably reach me in less than a minute, but something above me caught their attention and they stopped in their tracks.

I saw an orange.

My gaze followed theirs, and I saw a tiny orange bird fly above the moon and flap its wings in a powerful fanning motion. The moon rocked in its orbit until it suddenly snapped from its position and began falling from the sky towards my siblings. I was afraid and looked in horror. I believed they were going to be squished by the enormous ball of moon. I was wrong. The huge ball fell with a loud thud between my sisters and me. I could not tell if either of them had gotten hurt since the moon was half the size of the north dining room.

Soon, I began to hear giggles and laughs. They were well and laughing at the moon that lay between us still radiating light. The sky was now a canvas of white dots from other stars that lit the space. My siblings began rolling the moon around passing it from one to the other. It was amusing to see. Alexa, then turned to me and signaled for me to come and join them. My face began tearing up, and I ran towards them eggcited to play roll the moon with them.

The scene became more amusing as Linda halted the moon’s rolling course and took a chunk off one of its craters. She ate it. Her face became a huge smile as she exclaimed that it was cheese! I became more eggcited and ran even faster. I was so close to them. I could almost feel the warmth of Alexa’s hand as she reached out to me. I was so happy, but then I tripped on the sidewalk.

I am a student at Mount Mary, but I am from Texas. Due to school, I only see my family during summer and winter break. Before this past 2016 winter break, I had not seen my family for about seven months due to an internship I took in addition to my school semester. It had been a long while since I have gotten the chance to feel their warm hugs. They are the most important people in my world to me, and it will be long before I have a chance to kiss my little sister’s cheek.

My little sibling is my treasure. She doesn’t really know this, but I care about her like a breath of life. I am always very proud of her especially since she is growing to be an extraordinary human. She is already taller than me. I am also very proud of my mom and my sisters. They are amazingly strong individuals who have continued the pursuit of their personal development.

I write about my family because I miss my home, and my lack of it has created loneliness. I have a little hollow space in my chest because of my family’s absence. After I tripped in the scene where my sisters were playing with the moon, I realized I was daydreaming. However, I had gotten caught in my dream so much that it had felt real.

Being away from what one loves is never easy. One may be in a new place where all they know is a small amount of their own identity and the language that they speak. I believe though that being separated and away from what is familiar is a difficult feat but not impossible. It is necessary for the growth that it entails and the experience is important in all sense of the word important.

It is like reading a book. I have learned who I am and about the world that I live within. I have learned about the world and space that is outside. I have learned and trekked through unfamiliar paths. Will you join me for this journey through undiscovered lands?

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