The Pet Effect

Eager to show off beloved furry friends, Mount Mary staff and students submitted pet photos and stories. Below, MMU pets get their moment in the spotlight.


Dr. Kristi Siegel’s golden retriever Franny

 Charming Rescue Retriever

We already had a dog named Zooey, and with J. D. Salinger in mind, I knew we needed a ‘Franny,'” said Dr. Kathy Siegel. 

Siegel wanted a golden retriever, then found a breeder on the internet. It was a puppy mill in northern Wisconsin. She met with the owner’s sister at Penny’s Warehouse at 8:00 p.m. and paid with cash. Franny’s documentation consisted of scribbled 4″ x 6″ card.

“It felt like a drug drop, but I’ve always felt like we rescued Franny, and she rescued us. She’s a scamp, and fits well with an adoring family charmed by her charm,” Siegel said.


Heidi Kiggins' lambs, Pancake (left) and Princess (right).

Heidi Kiggins’ lambs, Pancake (left) and Princess (right).

Lamb Love for Heidi

Heidi Kiggins lives on a farm and has a lot of responsibilities there.

“They are the babies of sheep that I have had for three years. I got my first sheep when I was two and have had them ever since. My sheep join the rest of my pets that include pigs, cats, sheep, cows, goats and a llama,” Kiggins said.


Sophie Beck's miniature dachshund, Zoey Bella

Sophie Beck’s miniature dachshund, Zoey Bella

Dachshund Diva

Miniature dachshund  named Zoey Bella, who turned 9 on Valentine’s Day. She’s cute, but a total diva.

“She loves, loves walks, especially in her fun sweaters,” said owner, Sophie Beck

Zoey Bella has her own Instagram page.


Isabella and Monte

Shannon Venegas with her daughter, Isabella, and her miniature horse, Monte

 Monte the Miniature

This little guy is worth his weight in gold,” said Shannon Venegas. “We were lucky enough to receive Monte from a friend as they were moving to California. He is a saint with my daughter, Isabella, and he is the best horse we have ever owned.”








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