The Second Sex on Campus



Jereme Wade started at Mount Mary after his friends pressured him to go back to graduate school for a Masters of Business Administration. Wade is an insurance underwriting consultant, working at Northwestern Mutual. He noticed parallels between the culture shift within his line of work and concepts explained in his class. He has been in the industry for 17 years and wanted to keep himself current in a changing field.

“People I talk to complain about change in the industry,” Wade said. “We’re not the only ones; everyone is doing it. If you don’t do it [evolve], then you’re irrelevant. You don’t want to be like Blockbuster. Netflix put them out of business. You have to be innovative and react to the market.”


Daniel KimDaniel Kim is working on his Master of Arts degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing. With a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration already completed, he returned to school to learn how to write and ultimately publish a novel. His short story, “Whisper in a Bubble,” was published on a creative site, “Faith, Hope, and Fiction.”

“I think it is beneficial for students to have a Catholic education,” Kim said. “I would encourage my daughter to go to Mount Mary. I would also encourage men to go, specifically for the English program.” 


BrianBrian Lathrop commutes to Mount Mary from Madison. While in the military, he was encouraged to go back to graduate school for occupational therapy. He works in a hospital psychiatric unit and is certified in nursing.

He likes Mount Mary’s personalized application process which serves as a way to make sure everyone is here for the right reason. He did not know that the undergraduate student population was all female until he was accepted into the program.

“It [the demographics] didn’t change my opinion of the school at all,” Lathrop said. “Regardless of gender, we are all here with the same goal of obtaining a higher education.” 


Rob singleRob Parrish is originally from Illinois and works in finance at GE. He fell in love with Mount Mary almost immediately while visiting campus. Parrish expresses a strong desire for Mount Mary to create a Master of Fine Arts degree; his goal is to become a professor, teaching creative writing. He has future plans to start an online literature magazine.

“While walking through Notre Dame Hall and seeing all the artwork, I felt immediately inspired,” Parrish said. “It was a place I could come and create.” 


CorwinCorwin Holzman-Crass takes a creative writing class on Saturdays in the English graduate program. He teaches at Blackbelt Leadership Academy, a martial arts school down the street from Mount Mary. The proximity of the campus encouraged him to attend. He hopes to publish a novel and was encouraged when he found out many professors on campus were publishing.

“It’s a really nice campus and I like the setup,” Holzman-Crass said. “It was one of the things that drew me in. I tell people that it looks like Hogwarts, so they get pretty excited.”

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