The value of Mount Mary College

I have to admit before this year I was completely unfamiliar about the value of Mount Mary College. I knew where the building was located. I drove by the grounds many times on my way to parks  and restaurants in Wauwatosa. But I never ventured on campus. I heard people talk about what a good college Mount Mary was, though no specifics were ever cited. Now, this may seem sad and it is. I am here to say the beautiful grounds and the new renovations aren’t the only reasons why I love attending Mount Mary College. It’s the people who I pass daily in the hall whether walking to class, to Arches, or to the new Alumni Dining Hall.

My joy grows from seeing the love the  School Sisters of Notre Dame have for all those people who pass through its doors. The daily “hellos” spoken in sincerity and in kindness.   I have met the most amazing women and men attending my English classes. They inspire me to be a happier, a smarter, and  a more socially conscious person.

As I attend my classes, I compare the positive and encouraging attention the faculty shows me when I may be or may not be at my best. Now, I don’t know if everyone has this experience every single day. I don’t want to give the impression that Mount Mary College is perfect in all its endeavors.

What I do hope to share through this post is how special Mount Mary is when compared with other colleges in the area. We have extraordinary men and women who attend this campus. Personally, I’ve met some people whose opinions I value more than that of my family.

With Mount Mary’s Centennial year upon us, it is my wish for the next hundred years to spread this message to all we meet. Mount Mary College deserves to flourish amongst its competitors. The campus offers so many great programs and events not just to women, but to men and the community in which it resides.

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