Thrift Store Decor For Christmas Lovers

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start getting into the Christmas spirit. Christmas just doesn’t feel the same without holiday decorations, and at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store located in Greenfield, it’s easy to get holiday-themed ornaments, lights, plates, pictures, wine glasses and more at an affordable price. It can be very pricey when decorating the house, inside and out, but thrift stores actually have decorations that are modern and in great shape.

Christmas parties (or even just drinking some sparkling cider by yourself) wouldn’t be complete without glasses covered in Christmas trees, wreaths, snow and everything else that embodies holiday fun. These pictures show wine glasses and cups for .98 cents. I also found a cozy-looking Santa mug for $1.98 that can be seen in the gallery above along with other photos of drinking glasses.

The Christmas tree is arguably the most important part of Christmas decorations. Covering the tree in ornaments is always fun to do with family or friends. At St. Vincent de Paul, individual Christmas ornaments ranged from .98 cents to $3.00. There was a wide selection ranging from basic packs of ornaments to individual ones sold. I took pictures of just a few of my favorites that can be viewed in the gallery above. The picture shown below is four ornaments for just $3.88.

Knick-knacks are another great decoration to have around the house. This little snowman for $1.48 can brighten up any nightstand, counter or table and make it a little more festive. In the background of this picture, you can see that there were tons of knick-knacks to stock up on for Christmas decor.

To stay with the snowman theme, I found this adorable candlestick for just $2.88.

What better to put Christmas cookies on than festive plates? It’s time to swap out your boring, regular dishes for cute and festive ones. Four plates with different snowmen doing snowman activities (what else would they be doing?) could be found at St. Vincent de Paul. I found another adorable plate for $3.88 that featured Santa’s entire face, which would probably be very flattering for Santa when he goes eat his cookies. Finally, I loved the snowman dish I found for only .98 cents.

Four plates all came in one package. One of the plates inside is featured in the gallery above, along with other dishes mentioned.

I didn’t forget about the outdoor decorations! While I can’t make putting up lights on the house in the bitter cold any easier, I can tell you where you can get them for cheap. You can get 300 lights for your house for $1.98 at St. Vincent de Paul. Good luck putting them up!

Christmas memories look the best in Christmas picture frames. I also think a great Christmas gift would be a memory put into a cute picture frame. This picture frame for $2.88 was just one of the many cute ones found at St. Vincent de Paul. 

Another great way to keep Christmas photos is in memory albums. I was so excited to find memory albums for only .98 cents that were in great shape and could hold many pictures.

There were tons of stockings to be found at the store that ranged from only .98 cents to $2.00. There was a wide selection from tiny ones for your pets (specifically one for “puppy’s first Christmas”) and big, elaborate ones to put over the fireplace.


One of my favorites.

Another notable mention is the clock I found. Each number on the clock is a Christmas song! You can’t get much more festive than that. This fun clock was only $3.88.

And for the grand finale, I found this wreath. I thought it was Dr. Seuss-esque while also being very pretty. My mom actually ended up purchasing this wreath for $16.99. My living room at home is now decorated centered around this wreath because she took a liking to it so much. It’s a little out-there and adds a lot of fun to the Christmas decor. There were also many other wreaths at the store to choose from that were around this price range.

Thank you for reading this week’s post! I hope this gave you some insight on the kinds of decorations you can find at thrift stores so you can have a festive living space while on a budget. Be sure to check out the gallery above to see more pictures.

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