Thrifty and Fancy?

It’s no secret that spring is the season of weddings, parties, formal dances, and fancy brunches. When you get invited to yet another wedding this spring, don’t worry about how badly your bank account will take the hit. We tend to forget that formal dresses, shoes, and even clutches can be found at thrift stores.


Buying a new dress doesn’t have to be a huge investment. Thrift stores St. Vincent de Paul and Goodwill have dresses that are far from their original retail price. I was shocked at how many dresses there were. Even if the dresses shown aren’t your style, there were plenty of different kinds of dresses to choose from. And if you’re planning on going to Mount Mary’s spring formal, I guarantee you’ll find something at either thrift store I went to. Some of these dresses still had their original prices on them, which really showed how much money could be saved.  

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Clutches are the best accessory to a formal outfit because they can hold snacks for when you get hungry. Honestly, clutches can be pretty overpriced because you won’t want to use them every day; at least for me, I know I’d rather be carrying a purse. So when you need a fancy clutch for an event that’ll last one day, head to Goodwill for affordable prices. There are tons to choose from, from sparkly to just plain black. There are even brand names like Calvin Klein at crazy good prices.

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A fancy outfit isn’t complete without heels. From sparkly pumps to conservative white heels, Goodwill will most likely have what you are looking for. What Goodwill can’t do, though, is help you walk in them. That part is all you.

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I hope you decide to turn to Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul for your next formal event! Now go tear up the dance floor at the wedding reception.

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