University puts late night studying to bed

late night studying


In light of the recent enforcement of classrooms closing at midnight, the Arches staff implores Mount Mary University administrators to give students an alternative to complete their work or to overturn the policy.

As members of a school organization who are quite familiar with working into the early hours of the morning to meet a publication deadline, the Arches staff knows that sometimes, meeting a deadline means sleep must be forgone.

It does not mean we are working inefficiently; rather, we are aware that the quality of the work we are trying to achieve has to work in tandem with our class hours, work hours and time with our families.

We are fortunate that we have advisers that allow us access to the Arches newsroom 24/7 in order to access Adobe InDesign and PhotoShop, pricey software that we need to utilize in order to publish our magazine.

As we try to imagine ourselves in the place of other students on campus, where our access to the newsroom would close at midnight, we realize that most of our work would not get completed in time for our printer deadline.

We praise our administration and technology department, including Barbara Armstrong, for their efforts to look into providing students with alternatives, such as loaner computers, but we ask that the alternatives be implemented soon.

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