Unlimited free printing eliminated


Beginning January 2013, students will no longer have unlimited free printing. The college will monitor print allotment in order to eliminate waste and improve efficiency.

Mount Mary students will start this spring semester with a $40 printing allowance, which will be renewed at the beginning of each semester. According to

“Copier Printing FAQs,” located under the “handouts” tab on the My Mount Mary website, this allotment is more than the average student typically prints.

Students could use their printing allowances in a variety of ways.

Standard letter size, black-and-white prints will cost 10 cents per page, meaning students can print up to 400 single-sided pages per semester without charge. Double-sided prints will be available for a reduced cost of 15 cents per page. Duplex printing will be the default setting in the Learning Commons and all computer labs.

Color printing will be available to all students beginning January 2013. Costs are not yet determined.

Machine copying will remain available for 10 cents per page, which cannot be taken out of a student’s $40 allowance. Scanning will continue to be offered free of cost.

Meg Delaney, senior fashion merchandise management major, does not believe the new restrictions are necessary.

“For the most part, students refrain from printing excessive amounts,” Delaney said. “Limiting our printing capabilities could impact our learning. Some teachers put PowerPoint documents online, so printing them on your own is the best way to learn the material, which might not be possible if you don’t have enough printing money left.”

Emily Ristow, junior fashion design major, thinks the changes might be for the best.

“Students leave their stuff on the printer all the time and it ends up getting thrown away,” Ristow said. “Four hundred pages is a lot. Maybe the changes will make students think about what they’re printing and cut down on waste.”

Mount Mary is not the only college in the Milwaukee area to place restrictions on student’s printing capabilities.

Alverno College has a policy similar to Mount Mary, which provides its students with 400 single-sided, cost-free prints per semester. Larger schools, like University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Marquette University, charge students per page and do not provide any free allotment. Other schools, like Milwaukee School of Engineering, still provide free, unlimited black-and-white printing for all students.

Former Mount Mary student Mary Martha Kipcak reflects on printing at the college compared to her new school, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

“I never realized how lucky we were to print unlimited pages for no cost,” Kipcak said. “Now that I’ve transferred to UWM, I have to pay for every single print. It definitely makes me think about if I actually need to print something before I do it.”

Student printing will be monitored through students’ logins. Prompts will appear before each print, alerting students of the cost of the print, their current balance and to confirm they want to print the chosen document.

Students will have to remember to log out of their computers before exiting the library, otherwise it will be possible for other students to use their printing credits.

If students deplete their printing allowance before the end of the semester, they can purchase more printing credits from the business office in Notre Dame Hall room 159 using cash or a personal check. Leftover printing allowance credits will not be transferred to the next semester, unless they have been purchased.

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