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Renew. Reuse. Refashion. Do you have clothes sitting in your closet waiting to be worn or tossed out? You can make extra cash by selling or swapping out your closet for something new with Vinted, a new app that helps you swap, sell and buy clothes and accessories worldwide.

It is free to register and it is recommended that Facebook is used as a login to show your purchases and sale items with other Facebook friends.

The Vinted team is made up of a “small, but very dedicated group,” said Rachel McFarland, Vinted marketer.

The Vinted employees also continue to look for people who love Vinted to join the team as they continue to expand the company. One such extension of the company came about with the recent addition of the cell phone application.

“Being a mobile app gives Vinted an advantage over brick-and-mortar resale stores because you can buy items from around the country, so you find a great deal of diversity in the items – both in regards to seasonality as well as style,” McFarland said.

The company is a whole new world of selling gently used clothing. Most resale stores pay you a fixed price. With Vinted, the seller determines the price of the clothing, including shipping costs. In order to help Vinted remain as an active company that helps women around the country with new apparel finds, 19 percent of each item’s total cost goes back into the company.

Illustration by RENNIE PATTERNSONVinted photo with logo overlay.

Vinted photo with logo overlay.

“I’ve completely changed my wardrobe without buying any new clothes,” said Taylor MacDonnell, Vinted member. “I have mostly swapped items which only cost around $2 to ship so it’s like paying that much for a new clothing item!”

Vinted has not only helped many individuals cash out their closets and/or rather change their ways of getting rid of clothes and shoes, but also transformed online shopping into a forum to meet new people.

“Vinted has impacted me by giving me a new affordable closet without leaving my house, and I’ve meet really cool girls on here, too,” said Marie Mabilangan, Vinted member.

The payments are secured through PayPal, or through money orders, while shipping is sent via United States Postal Service.

MacDonnell has made on average $50-$60 a month using the app.

“It’s nice to have the extra cash for the things I don’t wear anymore,” MacDonnell said.

Vinted is used for different reasons depending upon the user, whether it be for revamping a closet space, or cashing in on unworn clothes, yet it provides each user the opportunity to become part of one network of online shoppers.

“We are more than just a place to sell, buy or swap clothes. We are a community of stylish girls,” McFarland said.

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  1. We’re creating a clothes swapping community called reKindness. We are accepting requests for early access 🙂 You share items to earn credits and then you can spend those credits on anyone else’s item— so you don’t have to negotiate to swap. Check us out 🙂


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