Weather Vibes: Getting Back to Running Outside

It’s been months since we have seen the sun for days in a row, but it is finally happening. It’s beginning to feel a little bit more like spring, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

The reasoning behind a gym membership in the midwest is because of the harsh winter months that make it difficult to work out outside. Now, that it is getting nicer out, one almost feels guilty for being inside working out. I can easily say that my working out outside has been lacking in the recent months, but no matter what the weather is, I can always count on the gym. The lights are always on. Monday through Friday the gym is open 24 hours.

In between the rain today, where I could start to see the sun trying to make way.

If you have been running on the treadmill for the past three months like I have, you are going to find a lot of relief in getting to run outside now. It may be easier on your shins depending on the surface, and it may also be easier on your mental state. I know when I run on the treadmill, I have to completely separate myself from it because it is mentally taxing running in the same spot for a continuous amount of time. The nice thing about running outside is that your scenery changes as you run, which can make the workout go by a little faster.

Getting back on the road again may be a little tough on your legs at first because of the surface change. I am no doctor, so please take note that none of my information is factual. It’s what I have learned over my years of running. Many different coaches throughout high school and college have told me that cement is super hard on your shins.

My college coach was always super cautious of having us run on the grass because he didn’t want us to fall in any holes and twist an ankle. So I guess there is no happy medium to please the coaches. I  have always done what felt best for me. I always feels better running on the grass because it feels easier on my legs. My legs bounce back better. Running is a very physically taxing on your whole body. When you run it’s constant pressure on your joints and especially on your knees, but when you’re on the softer surface it is that much easier on the joints.

The temperatures outside right now are at the point where they are very bearable, almost too enjoyable. I mean except for the rain we have been seeing. Otherwise, we have had days in the early 60s to almost 70s already. This amps up my excitement for summer. I cannot wait for the summer days where it is so hot that you dread going out to run, but once you get out there you feel invincible. Sweat covers your body and the best thing to do is run even harder.

I hope to continue my adventures outside with my dirty shoes, and I hope you all start enjoying the weather too.

A little brightness to end your day.


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