Werra Scholarship Creates a Musical Legacy

From left to right, Nora Werra, Nancy Lor, and Jude Werra stand in the Our Lady Chapel where the gospel choir practices.

Nancy Lor, a freshman majoring in social work, has a passion for music and singing.

“I think music helps people express their feelings,” Lor said.

Needing more credits, she used the opportunity to take Gospel Choir last semester.

Lor is the first recipient of the Harriet Kroner Werra Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship is given to a first-year student who has a significant musical interest and a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Lor had the opportunity to meet Jude Werra, a personal consultant, and Nora Werra, retired, who donated the money in Jude Werra’s mother’s name, Harriet Kroner Werra.

“I got to know what the Werra scholarship is, who the people were,” Lor said.

Jude and Nora Werra wanted to give back to the Mount Mary community that had meant so much to his mother.


From left to right, Nancy Lor, Jude Werra, and Nora Werra take a moment to converse in the Our Lady Chapel.

Harriet Kroner Werra graduated from Saint Mary’s College in Prairie du Chen, the predecessor to Mount Mary University, with a degree in classical music in 1923. The Mount Mary community was a mainstay in her life. She had been orphaned as a child, and the nuns provided her with a home.

Jude Werra was exposed to his mother’s connection to Mount Mary at a young age.

“Early on my experience had been because my mother was over here visiting her classmates and teachers for all my life,” Jude Werra said.

It continued into Jude Werra’s adulthood.

“I was forever bringing her over here because she didn’t drive, where she would accompany people,” Jude Werra said.

Music remained a part of Harriet Kroner Werra’s life until the last days of her life.

“She had aphasia where you lose your ability to speak,” Jude Werra said. “You understand everything, but you can’t express yourself, but she could still play the piano.”

Today, The Harriet Kroner Werra Scholarship will continue the musical legacy in the lives of Mount Mary students that share her love of music.

Harriet Kroner Werra Scholarship Requirements

  • Must be an incoming freshman to Mount Mary.
  • Must have a significant interest in music.
  • Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

This scholarship is renewable for up to four years if the student continues to hold a significant interest in music and a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Other Mount Mary Scholarships

For more information about scholarships at Mount Mary, visit the scholarship opportunities page on the Mount Mary website.

Mount Mary Music Opportunities

  • Music Ensembles: All Mount Mary students, faculty and administrators along with community members are welcomed to join the music ensembles. These ensembles are available for up to two credits to students. They usually practice once a week and also perform in campus and community events.
    • Mount Mary Chorus: This ensemble performs a diverse amount of music from classical to contemporary. No audition is necessary. For more information, contact Andrea Pelloquin.
    • Gospel Choir: This ensemble sings music traditional American gospel music. No audition is necessary. For more information, contact Debra Duff or check out Gospel Choir turns 15 years old on archesnews.com
  • Music Lessons: Private and group music lessons are available for all students. Only piano and guitar are offered as group lessons. Some lessons may also qualify for credit to students. For more information, contact Barbara Henry.

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