What’s Hair Got To Do With It?


I was brought to my knees, absolutely devastated. There was no reason for me to go on. My worst nightmare had become reality. You guessed it –  I got a bad haircut.  I went to get it fixed, but the student stylist thought cutting it all off would do the trick. Looking in the mirror, the shock from my reflection paralyzed me. I grabbed at my head. My normally thick hair was almost non-existent.

I spent the entire night searching for a solution online while I tried to accept my situation. I didn’t know where to start, but was soon lost in the world of wigs, so I ordered a couple.

The delivery would take a couple days, but that wasn’t soon enough. In desperation, I went to an adult shop for a temporary hair fix. Until then, I’d been wearing hats. I found I needed twice as much confidence to walk out in public wearing the cheap blonde bob I’d gotten than the hat.

Before long, I had four to five options to choose from and switched it up every day. I felt like the evil queen, Mombi, from the “Return to Oz.” My wigs were lined up like she had her different heads, but less creepy. Imagine choosing whoever you wanted to be on any given day. I could hide in plain sight. It gave me a sense of power I’d lost when my hair was chopped off.

At first, facing people I knew terrified me, but then I thought, “I don’t have to feel weird about this. I’ll just tell people the truth.” The truth works every time. They didn’t even know it was me until I looked them in the eye. Everyone was complimentary, thankfully. These were my friends; of course they wouldn’t laugh at me. My friends even commended me for wearing them. Wigs became like any other accessory. Who would have thought of changing your hair like your tops, jewelry or socks? The freedom was thrilling.

Three years later, my hair can be pulled back into a ponytail again. This is what I wanted, what I pined for every night, what overwhelmed me with jealousy when I saw other girls. The trouble is I miss my wigs. Yes, they were a lot of fuss, but now I have too much hair to put them on. I’ve learned how important hair is to us. It speaks for us and frames the view through which we see the world.


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